With Clarity of Communication All is Possible

History And Memories

These discussions consist of memories concerning the gates as they existed on Aelfheim. As memories are fragmented in most of us, the discussions are also a little fragmented, but there is good information about how things were done and also about what should be avoided.

One way to avoid tragic mistakes is to develop an understanding of the way the universe works. A wise woman of the fae has been sent to us, and has gifted us with an essay on Karma, posted here.

[Note from Aria: I don't know if I'd call myself a wise woman though...maybe a wise ass. :} ]

For starters, here's a mistake not to repeat:

===Memories are getting a bit more active....The big plan for the gates was that the main nodes would form a really big web, with lesser nodes coming off the hubs, and under their control. This was a mistake. The different nodes all had different styles of function, and the inner stresses alone could have ripped it apart. They should have had lots of small webs with lots of light connections to allow for information to flow, rather than try for a central focus. -- Rialian

Placement of the Gates -- Discussion involving something possibly wrong with the choice of area to build the gates, or with the area between nodes.

Warped Gates -- Discussion talking about how when in one of the Gates, travellers felt a sense of wrongness, warping

The disappearance of Drachlaend --.... The leave was both forced and voluntary - and very, very sudden, I think to avoid detection...

A Separate Realm (Drachlaend?) -- I had travelled by teleportation to an elven land which was separate from Aelfheim, but had been active all these years...

Lost Wilds -- A story of remembering by Nalissi.

The Present Time

These discussions involve "Where do we go from here". We sort of remember past mistakes and have glimmerings of how a gate may have been constructed. Here are ideas about how to build a gate.

How do we fix it for the return trip? -- Discussion about how the gates may have been constructed, and how to set up the environment here to mesh with the home environment.

Wonkin' Crystals -- A sending about the actual physical construction of the Gate.

Swirly Gates -- Discussion about the internal nature and workings of the Gates.

Linking Up -- There must be a mirror in this world and a stable link bridging the two worlds.

The Entity in the Gate -- There is a shared memory of something trying to follow people into the gate or already being part of the gate, and the gate being warped or corrupted.

The Future

Where is Home? -- Discussion about Ye'Lyrr'Yen.

Ta'na Ahlay...


Pictures: Gilbert Williams
Discussion participants: Sileniel, Rialian, Silvaerin, Robin, Nalissi