Entity in the Gate

"I think we should completely dismantle the original..."

Shared memory of something trying to follow people into the gate, the gate being warped or corrupted, and a feeling of terrible wrongness (Silvaerin'a and Rialian late February 1997.

===Some remain open, I suspect, though inert. Some got spiked, as the one I went through. Were we followed through? I have no clear clue. But the focus gate itself was not integrally corrupted, But I think the casing was... -- Rialian

"Personally, I think we should completely dismantle the original, simply on the grounds of safety: If the entity has screwed with some of us we don't accidently want to link any new gate to the current matrix to free It." -- Silvaerin'a

===Agreed. though I would say the opening itself is fine, but the enclosure is fucked. I think the casing is in dire need of clearing, way before we open the gate up again...Like re-setting a stone into a fresh setting to use it...Is this singing right, or am I simply babbling? -- Rialian

No that makes sense - though there might be dormant workings within the gate itself that will activate upon usage and which are hidden to detection. -- Silvaerin'a

===As it stands, I know that Sileniel is planning to open up a gate this side, and try to re-open the other gate that was a hub...As I think this is a good idea, as long as we clear the casing of the other gates, rather than just open it up with the old "systems"...Overall rebuilt engine around the central core, as it were...You might be right about the need of a complete fresh beginning, however, and I am being way to optimistic on the integrity of the gates themselves...Treesinger is with you on this one, and feels it is best to build anew, so that we know every nuance of the gates we use, and the original gates might have been corrupted as you say...Now that I look at it, that might be best... -- Rialian

I don't know if the gates here are linked the ones home. I don't think so. It is the ones on the other side we really have to worry about - the ones we currently have no access to right now (not that we have access to the ones here either...). Just a thought... With regards to your last post, I wonder if collapsing the matrix in upon itself will trap the beasty, forming an impenetrable barrier around it.-- Silvaerin'a

Note from Sileniel: It's got potential. It's got things firing off in my head. It seems right.

===Same here....Makes for interesting thoughts on how it will react as the attempt to collapse the matrix goes on...I wonder if anything of it got over to this side? I know my entrance was spiked, but I am sure it could have entered other areas...Would it be able to function in this environment, or is it gone...or possibly dormant in something here as well? -- Rialian

If it is here, (I think it might be - I seem to recall some impressions from a while back. Either that or it still has agents through which it can gain information) and dormant (I also believe that it might be starting to awake), do we really want to do a calling to find out, and possibly wake it up, which would be a bad thing. By rights, we should find out for sure - and the less it knows the less it can try to screw us over. Remember that it is intelligent, and powerful. It could still have the capability of spy usage. -- Silvaerin'a


Picture by Gilbert Williams
Discussion Participants: Silvaerin'a and Rialian