Placement of the Gateways

"The Valley of Laere-Tere Tellle"

Discussion between Rialian and Sileniel mid-January 1997:

===I have a pretty clear idea that I was running between a lot of areas, trying to find a gate or opening....Ah, that was not what I had intended to write...Did your faction have people looking around for off-kilter gates or alternate entrances? I seem to be hitting the edge of a memory...Some sort of "soft-spot" up by the northern forests, in and near the valley of ...laere-tere tellle (???)...Not clear...Lots of running water, a heavy canopy of trees, Serious feeling of a opening in the flow up near the river cliff....I will explore this further. -- Rialian

We might have tried to figure out where they were going to cast the Gate so that we could set up counter-magics before the casting. The Gate I remember going through was on a small rise, in a clearing. There was another Gate, though, that Tal Leonin had written about, that took the original 13. -- Sileniel

===I felt that the area just was not right...Perhaps I had found the proposed area of the gate was way off, that it would have the opposite influences needed... I think a gate was involved, but I think the placement was wrong, that there were some factors not taken into account and that it was really gonna rip out the area...It was to be a Really Bad Thing tm (grin). -- Rialian

I don't think the area wound up getting ripped up, but the Gate was fragmented on this end. It is possible that the area wasn't right as well as whatever else was going on. -- Sileniel

===The areas of several of the "anchor gates" were not good at all...Unstable for what was to be done. The areas were not of the sort that could take the flow without warping, or needed only a slight push to get that way. They thought it was a good idea because the "adaptability" the instability would provide. I found that it would have the opposite effect, and twist it (the focus) way out of true. The flow of energy was going to warp no matter what was done outside. The outside stresses only hastened it, and focused things a bit differently. Disaster was going to be the result even if there was no interference at all. Small webs interlinked had more stability than this hulking monstrosity with central power hubs....

===There were a lot of spots for gates. I think the main one was the most active, and the central web the others would follow. Think like the lead gate, and the others were "auxiliaries". The shields for it did not have what it took to get things to be real stable...Very odd thoughts on this...I see there might have been interference on several larger nodes that might have thrown the whole web out of sync... I think the primary spot was set wrong in the beginning...Something not taken into account in the set...No one gate could have worked in solitary, for some reason... -- Rialian

Hm, I had wondered how we were going to get everyone from the different areas over here. I knew we hadn't gathered them all to the same place. I had a small part in the Gate going wrong...which is why I was nervous about you having residual resentment. I did not throw the whole thing out of sync, tho. That was a function of the timing and the location. Many fingers were pointed at me, anyway. -- Sileniel

=== Do you remember if any of the gates got hit real hard as we all left? I think several got really warped and/or destroyed in transit. I think one is still up causing problems (don't know where that came from, but I will leave that in...Random typings coming through! -- Rialian

I'm not sure. I remember going through the gate kinda vaguely, and it did feel like I was being warped while in there. The stillness of Earth was nauseating by comparison. Kinda like when you're spinning and spinning and then you stop. -- Sileniel

===Memories are getting a bit more active....The big plan for the gates was that the main nodes would form a really big web, with lesser nodes coming off the hubs, and under their control. This was a mistake. The different nodes all had different styles of function, and the inner stresses alone could have ripped it apart. They should have had lots of small webs with lots of light connections to allow for information to flow, rather than try for a central focus.

===I remember little of the landing. I was in the warp a long time, and was really in deep at the edges of the focus (did any of that make sense? Whenever I think of the warp, I really get freaked...Something was there with me and the gate I was in needed to get slammed shut...I think that will wait until I can do a little more diving into that memory....) Sorry about that...Got really freaked, for some reason. I get the feeling I stopped 'it" from getting through, but I spiked the gate...(ARRGH! I hate it when I am on the edge and cannot get through...oh well, I will get it eventually.) -- Rialian


Picture by Gilbert Williams
Discussion Participants: Rialian & Sileniel