Fixing the Gate for the Return Trip

"How do we fix it for the return trip?"

Discussion between Sileniel and Rialian on List serve, Feb 1997

Now the question is, how to fix it for the return trip? Supposing you have two people on the other side, and some people who know there stuff here? -- Sileniel

===That is part of the reason I am working on the environmental stuff here. The webs need a common link to open a gate. A gate needs a type of environment to be effective... -- Rialian

===I am still trying to get some of the theories worked out...but at base, we need to have a solid foundation point that has been charged up and enclosed, so that the environment within has some parity with the area we are trying to reach...Something like an Air-Lock. Otherwise, the thing could blow up in our faces, or suck us through in an unpleasant way... -- Rialian

"This sounds like the void area I discussed with you over the phone. It's a half-real plane that's connected to the gates, but you don't go through because it's at a different phase (like in AC electricity)." -- Sileniel

===I also know we will need to have a living anchor point on this side to start, with one on the other side to form a stable aperture....But I am getting way ahead of myself. Any ideas on how to set the environment on this side? I am experimenting with iron as a shielding, with the focus on it absorbing outside negativity, while letting the interior area build up with energies sympathetic to what we want to do...Into day four of this, and it seems stable -- Rialian

"Makes sense: sort of an equalization of potential energy or something? Sounds like a quantum thing.....or the magical analogue. " -- Sileniel

===Exactly. I am not sure what would be considered "dense" on either side, so I have no idea which way the flow would go. I much prefer the idea of building up a contained area on this side before we try to open something fully...Or at least have some sort of buffer that would mitigate any really bad effects. I think we really need to get a handle on how things would be moving...I am not sure which would push which way, or if they would BOTH push out in each direction, as they have very different fields of action.(I am working under the idea of the two areas the gate would be contacting have different environmental rules and/or energies...Just being real cautious.) Anyone have any ideas how the two environments might interact? I have no memory of what happened when we got here, if our realm had an effect here or not....I remember being in a limbo-like realm for a while after the warping I was in as the gate failed, so I do not know if that acted as a moderating force or not.... -- Rialian


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Discussion participants: Rialian & Sileniel