Swirly Gates

"The Gates ... Swirled around the center."

===There is a technique that I have encountered that might be useful called millworking. I have a few ideas, but I need to do a bit more research. The basic idea is to turn the elements of the circle itself around a central pivot point. -- Rialian

"This sounds right. The Gates, looking at them through the eye of memory, swirled around the center." -- Sileniel

===I think we need to find an anchor point, or make one that has some correspondence to a gate on the other side. I think this can be done by creating the proper environment on this side, but I am not sure. It might also take a group to open it.... Someone to act as a perceptual anchor on this side, someone to open the gate itself, and someone to open up the link over there...Rialian is following stream of though, so bear with me...I got an Idea from a book I just read- The Montauk Project - very interesting...Not sure on a lot of it, but there was something to the need to have someone act as a perceptual anchor to keep the gate stable, or insanity, reality shifting, and such could occur. I think the gate would need a strong physical link here to stay stable...Rialian babbles on, trying to find the point his mind had found and now fears lost... -- Rialian

"Sounds right to me. It's scary how many of my "daydreams" get echoed by others as theories. The ideas on the working sound like one heck of a cool ritual." -- Sileniel

===Could be. I think we have the startings for a gate-formation ritual. That will not be the hard part....The hard part is getting the anchor points set, and the local environs to support it. We have to get the area set up right before anything will work right...Having some thoughts on this, will continue the design process...(GRIN) Rialian


Picture by Gilbert Williams
Discussion Participants: Rialian & Sileniel