Wonkin' Crystals

"A big wonkin quartz crystal on a stick..."

"Mmmm. I got something of a Sending, I think from the Tir or something: It was very clear but I couldn't think of an application: the sending was simply this: a big wonkin' quartz crystal on a stick, vaned in metal like a mace or something, turning slowly and primed with something: possibly ley line energy.... I haven't tried duplicating it yet, but the impression was that it might have some long-term area-charging effect. So I thought now might be the time to share it...." --Magic Rat

===Sounds like we have a clue! I can see it in my mind...Was the crystal you saw covered in silver. which looked like it had flowed over the stone? I have seen an jewelry artist I know use a technique that seems to do that... Was the rod made of a specific material, and was it covered in a similar way? (The style I speak of looks like the silver dripped onto it like wax, flowing around the items like a living thing, enfolding it in a silver web of life...) I find this really interesting...I picked up a really large piece of quartz, that has a sort of depression in in that fits my thumb to my hand, like an extension of the same, just before I saw this post.... I am experimenting with iron as a shielding, with the focus on it absorbing outside negativity, while letting the interior area build up with energies sympathetic to what we want to do...Into day four of this, and it seems stable..." Rialian


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