Reiki Crystal Grids

Reiki Crystal grids can be help healing. A continuously running Reiki grid can be created to help heal, protect, manifest -- whatever you would like to direct energy towards.

Be very careful in what you ask for, you may actually get it. It is usually a good idea to add some sort of clause like "and may this only have positive good effects for everyone with no negative/bad or unwanted effects."

You will need 8 similarly sized stones. The choice of the stone is your choice. Use whatever stone feels right to you. There are numerous books explaining the different properties a stone may have. Quartz is a common good stone that you could even find in your backyard. The size of the stone only matters to the amount of space you want to take up with the grid. (I once used those small Stones (not glass) the size of a thumb-tack sold in a art store for 99 cents a box)

Next you will need a representation of what you want to direct the energy towards. If a person, a picture works good. If a goal, then write it down on paper and use that.

Now attune the 8 stones as described for attuning stones earlier.

At the end of each attunement, it is good to repeat the thought of your intent with this grid.

From here to the end of this process, (if you can) keep the thought and intent of what this grid is for in your mind.

Place the attuned stones on the picture/writing/etc., where the "X"s are placed like in the diagram below.

The last stone is the Pointer.

With the pointer, tap the placed stones in the order of the numbers below.

When you have completed one full circle (1-18), repeat 2 more times around the grid

Tap the center stone and then spiral up into the air and then spiral back down to the stones (not touching them) (Have the intent of the grid in your mind during the spirals especially)

You are now done, this grid will run continuously until interrupted. (so donít try to move

The grid unless you want to start all over again)

You can check in with the grid from time to time to see how it is running. If you feel it is not as strong as it used to be, then attune the stones again and repeat if you wish, or has the goal been achieved and there is no need for the grid.

      .2,18                     3,5     
   X   X

X      X X
15,17 1,4 ,7, 10,13,16 6,8
  X   X
12,14 9,11

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