September 3, 2002 – Tapestry of Worlds Attunement


This is an attunement that came to me today that is a combination with all the “true” symbols – True Sight, True Memory and True Form.  The three True symbols are preceded and followed by the Spiritual Healing and Transcendence symbols to provide an appropriate way to hold the True energies during the attunement…  The attunement actually uses 7 symbols and not 5.  The opening/space-warding symbol of your choice, and the closing/sealing symbol of your choice are part of the attunement.


To do the attunement on yourself or others, first familiarize yourself with the purpose of each of the five symbols and how to draw them.  All symbols channeled by Eyovah except True Memory, which was channeled by Rialian.


Feels like a stronger version of Emotional Clearing (Sei-He-Ki).  Basically helps your spirit heal, bring you closer to spirit, etc.



Helps restore eyesight. (Not an instaneous, I can SEE cure).   Helps you have the sight and wisdom of what you want to know, what to do, etc...  See into the spiritual realm, astral travel(not sure yet), see glimpses of a possible future, see whatever you want to "see".  Doubled can work both eyes at same time.  May feel the energy moving in the back of your eyes.


Helps you remember what you need to know.  Basic memory thing, like a person’ name all the way up to remembering your life purpose.  Past life memory.  Remembering why you are here or why a person should stay here (if they are giving up on life).



To help you see the "True Form" of a being.  To help see the true self of a person...i.e., if they’re not acting like themselves.  Useful if you are otherkin (feel that your spirit is not human), if you feel that you were xxxx in past life, or want to see the "true form" of another.  This symbol is a double-handed symbol, you start with two fingers in the top dot where the 1 is pointed and with both hands go up-out-around-and back in, then from there go back around (retracing) and out the bowls shape. The next part is the dragon wings. Same way with two hands, start at center and go out to end of wing and down, then start at center again and go out to center of wing and down, then again with the inner most part of wing. Step 6 is the only step that is just one line. Step 7 is drawing both arms at the same time. Step 8 is using two fingers of each hand to draw the roots on both sides at the same time.  (Draw symbol on self to see other peoples true form, or close eyes/use mirror to see your own.....or draw on another person so that they may see)


Transcendence, Distance Healing, Gateway, Past Life healing, Emotional Release,

"Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen 2"(works similar)




To do the attunement, first place the protective/clearing symbol of your choice around the attunement space, and do the clearing technique of your choice.  


Seat the attunee in front of you comfortably.  Ask the attunee to look at each symbol and review its intent, to determine if they are open to receiving these symbols or not. 


If they are, then ask them to temporarily open their field to the symbols.  Have them breathe deeply and get relaxed, close eyes if desired. 


Starting with the Sereasin, draw each symbol in the order they appear above.  Visualize each one between your palms, growing brighter and brighter.  When the energy peaks, spin it into the open field of the attunee.  As you are doing this, pronounce the name of the symbol.


Repeat this with all five symbols, ending with the Transcendence/distance healing symbol. 


Then have the attunee consciously close their field.  Close/seal the attunement with a symbol of your or the attunee’s choice (consult with them first about it).


As the attunee staggers away (and you stagger off to the kitchen to get some water), wish the attunee (and yourself) good wishes….


Alternate attunement method (Rialian)


Setting up the space:     Spin all symbols that are used in the attunement around the room and send them outwards:  Sereasin, Setana, Setana Doubled, True Memory, True Form, Transcendence Doubled. 


Project all symbols outward, circling them around the room


Stand behind the attunee.  


Opening symbol:  A combination of the Fire Serpent and Raku (Lighting Bolt) – Draw this symbol down the back. 


Begin microcosmic orbit, and start energy spinning within.  Push Serasin into crown and blow it into the crown.


Repeat this for Setana Doubled, True Memory, True Form, and Transcendence Doubled.

(For transcendence, instead of just an out-in, in-out pattern, you do the Transcendence as “out-in, in-out, out-in, in-out”.


After the symbols are all placed in the crown, wave hands in a crisscross pattern down the back to bring the forms together.


Come to the front of the attunee:  Draw the Sereasin, Setana, True memory, True Form, and Transcendence Doubled over the open palms and tap each one into the hands three times. 


Blow up, down, and to center of the attunee.


Go to the back of the attunee:  Do an affirmation while holding the shoulders


Use Transcendence Doubled again for closing/sealing, 


Come to front and release the energy.


© 2002 Yldann, Rialian, Eyovah