Hiccup Cure, The Reiki Way

I have discovered a great way to get rid of the hiccups. To Do this you need to be at least Reiki 2.

You put your non-dominant hand on your sternum (that flat bone in the middle of your chest, a couple of inches below the center of your neck)

Point the fingers facing into yourself.

Take your other hand and draw the Cho-Ku-Rei in reverse in front of your chest and direct it toward yourself. Draw the Reversed Cho-Ku-Rei over and over (if you think of think of the name as well, the name is not in reverse, just draw the symbol with the intention of it being reversed).

(For me the spiral Counter-Clockwise is reversed, but it doesn't matter if yours is different, as long as it is the Reverse of what you are used to.)

To do this to someone else across the room...just point the hand you would have pointed into yourself at the sternum of the person with the hiccups.

I have found this works 95% of the time. The only times it has not worked with me is when I have had something physically stuck in my throat that needed to be washed down.

Hope it helps.

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