Elven Language List

Note:  	This is not a comprehensive dictionary.  Some of these
	words have no direct translation into English, and are 

General Notes:

1.	The suffix of "ai" as in Des'tai implies a state of being that lasts 

2.	The suffix "ar" as in "senar" implies a state of being that is 
	in the present, and temporary.   

3.	There is no specific verb which meant "to be". 

4.	There are no specific pronouns for he, she, etc. 
	These things are implied.

a = used primarily in Aelfheim
t = used primarily in the Tir
* = Used all over

Elven		English														

Adrastai	Scouts --  A note on the Adrastai...though technically 	
		scouts, I tend to associate them more with knights, 
		viz-a-viz King Arthur, et al, due to their extreme loyalty 
		and dedication to the crown, than I do with any sort of 
		ranger archetype... [Tal Leonan]  (Origin - a)

Aidan		From the Gaelic, "little flame"  (Origin - *)

A'Laena Sar	Until we meet again (Origin - a)

Allien		Those who are bodily (Origin - a)

Amonta de' 
Toya" 		GOD(DESS) DAMN IT!  (As you may have guessed 
		it's usually not a happy elf who says this.
		Though most of the "lighter" elves are rather happy, 
		that's why you'll usually find the dark and the occational 
		toxic elf expressing themselves in this way. (Origin Lyn'eun) 

aNAlalai	Danger	Amanjaku

Aqofeltu	Forgetfulness (Origin - the Silver Elves)

Araste Makatar	? (Origin - a)

Arianai 	You're wicked ;) (Origin - a)

Arias'tama	Bad Ass (Origin - t)

Ashan'rai	Son of the High King (Origin - a)

Ashtae		The Area Around.  Between.  In the Area of (Origin - a)

Aut, Yanna	Oh My nads (female are desirous (Origin - a)

Barith		Seas of Chance (Origin - a)

Basan 		Sorrow (Origin - The Silver Elves)
Ceshtanen	Erased completely (Origin - a)
Chairen		A group of individuals working in concert, either through 
		a Draelren or more conventional methods, to heal an 
		individual (Origin - a)

Chev		Suffix meaning "beloved," used to refer to lifemates (Origin - t)

Daia Dadu Da	? (Origin - a)

Deea Canayen	? (Origin - a) 

Den'shrai	Thank you for help. It is connected with
		Des'tai, and has the connotation of "thank you
		for helping me on my path". (Origin - Bluesilver)

Der		Soul (Origin - The Silver Elves)

Derzorvadur	Soul infusion (Origin - The Silver Elves)

(desh-er-en)	Well met, connotation of Des'tai
		(Origin - Bluesilver)

Desh'nerain	Brother  (Origin - t)

Desh'iriai	Sister  (Origin - t)

Desh'ketai	(Origin - t)

Desh'mieve	Mother  (Origin - t)

Desh'miriai	Guardian, bodyguard of a household  (Origin - t)

Des'tai		Honorable/Walking one's path (Origin - a)

Deyash nek'tai	Walk with me (Origin - a)

Dorai		Love/duty to loved ones (Origin - a) 

Doulgen'ra	A Draelren with the intent of traveling to a specific
		location, or of exploring.  (Origin - a)

Drachlond  	"Rocky/austere land" - Listarii home  (Origin - a) 

Draelond	"Deep Harbor" (Origin - a)

Draelren	The process of entering the spirit realm as part of a 
		Draels'tai (Origin - a)

Draels'tai	A group of individuals entering the spirit realm in concert
		(Origin - a)

Ea		The All, The Creator (See Iri'A) (Origin - a)

Eisha'miai	Some sort of elven spirit-sickness, not 
		quite sure here (Origin - t)

Elen		Although Tolkein translates this as "elf/of the stars", 
		it is in our tongue "elf and friend".(Origin - a)

Elia		Soul or Spirit;  Can also be a proper name (Origin - t)

Eliai'iriai	Soul-sister  (Origin - t)

Eliai'nerain	Soul-brother (Origin - t)

Eluana		Female name  (Origin - a)

Elvaleryn	Physical Immortality (Origin - The Silver Elves)

Enaerson	"Right there" - sexual connotation (Origin - a)

Enrai		High King -- A literal translation would be "The 
		first one", as in the first among equals.  Note:  Words 
		like Enrai, that are short, often imply a great many things 
		that would take up a few paragraphs in English, and even
	 	then you have to have an elven mindset with all the 
		linked ideas to the word to get it.   In other words, do not
		let the apparent simplicity of the definitions mislead you.		(Origin - a)

Enta		You hear me (Origin - a)

Ereiash'demaa	Badass  (Origin - t)

Ereiash'demaa	Bad Ass to the High King (You're too late!  This Title 
na Enrai	is already claimed by Robin...) (Origin - t)	

Eren'rai	Daughter of the King (Origin - a)

Eshai'du 	Colloquially "dumbass;" more likely "ignorant" (Origin - t)

Esiai'desh'	A noble bodyguard (Origin t)

Evrantilen	Oath-sworn, (noun, plural) (Origin - a)

Farth 		Fae -- used to mean all otherkind
(fairth) 	(Origin - The Silver Elves)

(fail-la-dare)	A sense of something impending.... either
		something about to happen or something that
		needs to be done. (Origin - SE)
(Fee-ace)	Love or like of an inanimate object, as I really
		love that car or movie (Origin - SE)

(feel-n)	A love that elves have particularly for other
		elves or things elfin and this perhaps is closest
		to what you mean by Elven Love.
		(Origin - SE )

Ford 		Love of a soul mate or best friend or family
		(Origin - SE)   

Fylorn		The word for empathy  (Origin SE)

Gieran		Beloved brother (said as Geahren has a bitter connotation) (Origin - a)

Gil-Enrai	Champion of the King (Origin - a)

Hae Hanae-Sa	See the way (Origin a)

Halae-Han	Walk the water (Origin a)

hanie-ho-so	Singer of the way (Origin a)

Hole Asin	Child of the Fae - Fae child (Origin a)

Iri'A		The One Force; the creative force behind all things, very 
		much akin to the Force in the Star Wars trilogy (Origin - t)

Iriv'teshai	War-companion; The equivalent of the mortal term "buddy" 
		in Vietnam (Origin - t)

Ishmaen		? (Origin - a)

(jay-lair)	Divine love or a feeling of oneness or unity
		with all (Origin - SE)

Janda'hai	Round-Ears (humans) (Origin - ?)

Jiach'ar	A Draelren with the attent of striking at an individual, 
		spirit or magical construct (Origin - a)

Kai'		Female honorific prefix to a given name (Kai'Laria) (Origin - t)

Kaleanae	Watcher (Origin - a)

Katamah!	? (Origin - a)

Katar 		No Idea, Don't know at all (Origin - a)

Katinar		Proper name meaning "kitten".   (Origin - t)

Ke'		Male honorific prefix to a given name (Ke'Ninaste,
		for instance) (Origin - t)

Keh?		What? (Origin - a)

Kieran		Beloved sister  (Origin - a)

Ki'Liana	Female name.  The "Ki" part means spirit fury. 
		Leana means something like "dedicated or in
		service to". Ki'Leana could then mean something
		like "Dedicated to spirit fury". (Origin - a)

Kiyana		An angry exclamation word ... something 
		to do with expressing spirit fury.  (Origin - Nanine)

Kimen Yahae 	?  (Origin - a)

Kir'		Male honorific prefix to a given name beginning with a vowel 
		(Kir'Aidan) (Origin - t)

Kiran a'Llyra	From/of the Soul (Origin - a)

Kitathas	Short form of "Wind of Spirit Fury"  (Origin - a)

Kyela		Love (Origin - the Silver Elves)

Laere-Tere 	Valley in the Northern Forests, with lots of 
Tellle		running water and a heavy canopy of trees. (Origin - a)

Leana Sar	You see the walls of True (Origin - a)
Leire		Proper name, "she who stands at the border of dawn" (Origin -*)

Lenae Senecar	Yes, we are walking the land of the shadows or the
		moon; She who walks the plain of the shadows; See
		into the walking path of the worlds... (Origin - a)
Liana		female name meaning "in service/dedicated to".
		(Origin - a)

Liana' Senai	I desire you forever, Leeana (Origin - a)

Liana' Senar	I desire you right now, Leeana (Origin - a)

Liktai Na 	This situation is alien (Origin - a)

Lik'tai Nar 	This situation is so alien I do not know
Senek'tar	where "here" is. (Origin - a)

Lineat		Song of the "Pathers" (Those who walk the Path)
		(Origin - a)

Mileana Tar	You are thanked. Thank You; Your soul rules the
		lands of spires. (Origin - a)

Narwa		Remember (Origin - The Silver Elves)

(nair-win)	The sense that we have that denotes truth or
		falsity or the right direction to go in
		(Origin - SE)

Negeth		Is not -- For those of you familiar with FASA's Battle
		Tech universe, this is used similarly to the Clans' quiaff 
		and quineg, that is, to end a sentence with a question of  
		either affirmation or negation... [Tal] (Origin - a)
Nehatah		Brain Lock  (Origin - a)

Nesh'tirai	Otherkin shapeshifters; large and furry in their 
		normal forms, can pass for elven (jokingly 
		referred to in English as "Wookies")  (Origin - t)

Netherai	Literally, "She who is not"  It was the nickname 
		for a certain young elf with a propensity for telling others
		what she was not... (Origin - a)

'Nieve		Suffix meaning "lover," used to refer to lovers who are 
		not lifemates. (Origin - t)

Ninaste		Proper name meaning "master of wonders" or 
		"Leader of the Hunt" (Origin - t)

terestai	Go back to the trees;  Perjorative used in Shain Cemar
		(there are no trees in the city, and the rules there are a lot 
		different from standard society) (Origin - t)

Nish		Variation of  or root of Nis'tai, indicating off, or strayed.  
		May indicate "far from"  (Origin - a)

Nis'tai 	Dishonorable/Off one's path;  Far from what should 
		always be.   (Origin - a)
Nis'tar		When thinking about actions which are not Des'tai, 
		it does not always seem quite right to say they are Nis'tai 
		because "ai" implies everlasting. There is a form of this 
		word, Nis'tar, which implies a temporary, or single, 
		incident that is not Des'tai. (Origin - a)

Noralyn		Continuity of consciousness from one life to
		another (Origin - the Silver Elves)

Oforfamar		Leadership (Origin - the Silver Elves)

Pira  		Prefix meaning "little" (Origin - t)

(roll-lyn)	The healing light that we can radiate
		(Origin - SE)

Serae Senar	I will inspire your greatest desire, I desire you 
		(speakerSaikatar	male) I will be and fulfill your desire (Origin - a)

Saikatar	I will be and fulfill your desire of me (as male) 
		(Origin -  a)

Sainar		I desire you (the speaker wishes to be male) (Origin - a)

(Say-oon-l-di)	Otherkin -- This word is composed of the words
		Other and Kin...  (Origin -- The Silver Elves)

Satar		You look here (angry/annoyed connotation)
		(Origin - a)

Se'leana	Female name meaining "In service to you (general
		you)" (Origin - a)

Senar		I desire you (the speaker wishes to be female) (Origin - a)

Seneer		Variation of Senar:  I desire you (speaker wishes to 
		be female) (Origin - a)

Serae		I will arouse your desire  (Origin - a)

		Note of explanation:Due to our ability to shift sexes,
		we would commonly open up a romantic interlude 
		by stating our desire and which sex we wanted to start with.

Shaeyata	Specific style of warrior honor (Origin - a)

Shain Cemar	Border Town in Tir (Origin - t)

Shalva		The word that best encompasses the concept of sorrow for someone
(Shale-va)	other than one s'elf .

Sheltleth	Dark in nature/unseelie (Origin - a)

Shema'shestai	A phase in elven life corresponding to the mid-20s 
		of mortal life (Origin - t)

Shi''ria na	My friend's Old name
		(Origin - Bluesilver)    

Sh'mai		Beloved of my soul (Origin - a)

(show-l, 	Elven breath for the healing or ensouling or
shoal)		awakening breath

Sirc		The word that elves called themselves in the 1st & 2nd 
		cycles (Origin - a)

Laena Sa!	Hey, you walk there, "by the singing soul"; I see
		the way of walking, see, so see the soul of my way. 
		(Origin - a)

Ta		Yes, I get it (Origin - a)

Taia		I hear you (Origin - a)

Talauntain	Enlightened (Origin - The Silver Elves)

Ta'na Ahlay	Walk in Light that is like Water (Origin - ?)

Tanaii		A Path; a path one chooses, not respective of
		whether said path is Des'tai or Nis'tai. It does not
		imply the rightness or wrongness of the path, merely
		the existance of the path. (Origin - t)

Tanaii-ka	This is the path of one's Soul, when the path chooses
		one instead of one choosing the path. Probably not
		too far from des'tai in meaning but Tanaii-ka refers
		to action, or to the overall duty one has for one's life
		as opposed to any one portion of it. For example,
		choosing to be a hunter is my Tanaii, my path. But
		being of the Wild Hunt and honoring the things we
		honor, and doing what we must to, that is my
		Tanaii-ka, that which has chosen me. When I was
		given my Hunt Name to honor my particular Talents,
		that name was the embodiment of my Tanaii-Ka. It is
		possible, however, for one's Tanaii-ka to be either
		Des'tai or Nis'tai, depending on the things one has
		chosen to do. If I had used my talents and gifts to
		destroy, to take power, to harm, then the path I am
		on would would still be Tanaii-ka but it would be
		Nis'tai, a thing of wrongness and destruction.  
		(Origin - t)

Tashae		[You] hear me (Origin - a)

Tashen		Pay close attention, important (Origin - a)

Telpareon	Far Memory (Origin - The Silver Elves)

Teremai 	Compassionate (Origin - t)

Terestai	The forest that will ever be (Origin - a)

Teshmeeat 	? (Origin - a)

Tihr a' Lahn	Walk/Dance in Light   (Origin - ?)

T'negeth	Isn't it --  For those of you familiar with FASA's Battle
		Tech universe, this is used similarly to the Clans' quiaff 
		and quineg, that is, to end a sentence with a 
		question of either affirmation or negation.. (Origin - a)

Unasae		Don't quit/give in  (Origin - a)

Vasata		Awaken (Origin - The Silver Elves)

Yanna		Female nads  (Origin - a)

Zelsatu		Consciousness (Origin - The Silver Elves)

Zorvain		Infused (Origin - The Silver Elves)

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