Our beloved Ookie died on August 21, 1999 after a long battle with illness. He was 5 years old. He and his faithful servants fought valiantly, but we lost.

Poem About A Special Cat
By Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

My cat died.

I cried

            and cried

                    and cried

                            and cried...


Poem by Ookie's Friend Helen


death stood outside my kingdom
but did not come in
i told death
death's young, transparent countenance
turned toward me
and said,
we will wait.
i told death to take someone else
not my little boy
and death asked,
i could not answer
i shook my fist at death
and told them to begone
death, you may not enter.
death stood outside my kingdom
but did not come in


but then while the kingdom slept
and the stars twinkled without
death slipped in unnoticed
and freed a small spirit
trapped in a disease ridden body
and returned the little body
to the earth
and poison ivy guarded the sacred ground
and death slipped away again and was gone.







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