Heal Yourself And Others

Reiki Classes

Reiki is an ancient hands-on healing technique.  Scientifically and Spiritually explained.  An unlimited source of natural energy of the universe and within ourselves (chi), that we may tap into and channel into healing.

Reiki 1 Class

Reiki I is a physical level of healing.  The body will always try to heal itself, given enough time, and will use any source of energy it can get. Standard medical procedure for a broken bone is to set the bone, then apply a small electrical charge at an end to stimulate healing. Reiki is a source of energy to help the body speed up its own healing with incredible results.  I've seen cuts heal to half the size and bug bites stop itching and the swelling disappear quickly (even on people who did not believe in Reiki).
Investment: $100
Time: 3 hours

Reiki II Class

Reiki II is a stronger physical healing, emotional, and distance healing level.  The amount of healing energy you can channel is increased. Emotions and thoughts are electrical impulses measured in the brain as brain waves, Reiki can help bring emotions into a balanced order (personally, has been very helpful in calming upset and angry people that I have dealt with the energy can be directed to a person without touching). Energy can be sent over large distances with a thought just like the power of prayer and have amazing results.
Investment $150
Time: 3 Hours

Reiki I + II combined Class

Investment $200; (a savings of $50)
Time: 4-6 hours

Advanced Reiki Levels

Reiki III (Reiki Master)

3 Usui Reiki symbols. The ability to teach others. How to attune crystals to radiate Reiki with any healing intent. Psychic surgery: a useful way to completely remove energy blocks. Reiki grids: Reiki in perpetual motion, send energy to someone/something indefinitely instead of doing distance healing every day. And 9 new channeled symbols.
Investment: $300
Time: 5 hours

Karuna Reiki

Level 4 on the Reiki scale. New attunement process. 2 practitioner levels and 2 master levels (Can be taught all at same time). 9 new symbols.
Break up negativity and addictions, Higher self connection, helps manifestation, release fears (replace with peace), and more.
Investment $400
Time 4-5 hours

Imara Reiki

Level 5 on the Reiki scale. New easy attunement process. Most powerful version of Reiki.  Does NOT need symbols.  Strong Spiritual Connection (ascended beings and angels). Heals past life issues, repressed issues (physical, emotional, spiritual trauma), issues that are not on the conscious mind yet still affect you. Distance healing simplified and intensified. Common for giver and/or receiver to perceive information during healing.
Investment $300
Individual Appointments