Mantras and Meditations

The following is matras and meditions that I've come across, have been sent to me, etc...


1. Saying the symbol names in the head or out loud is like a mantra. Has a healing affect by itself.

Keith Wilson:
I soon discovered that with the exception of CKR and SHK the remaining symbols were merely the words written in Kanji and that it seemed likely to me therefore that the symbols were originally used as (maybe) a mantra or an invocation with the symbol itself just providing a visual reinforcement.


Keith Wilson:
1. Some years ago I used the technique of exploring the four elements by visualising very clearly in my mind the the elemental symbol (red triangle for fire, yellow square for earth etc) and then, in my minds eye, moving through the symbol to emerge in the elemental world on the other side. I decided to apply this technique to the Reiki symbols and it worked. Each symbol took me into a different mental space (for want of a better description) and so I then used NLP technique to develop 'anchors' that would return me to the same mental condition when I said the names of the symbols (mentally) or visualised the symbols. This technique works really well for me and for other Reiki Masters that I have shared it with, if you decide to try it I would be interested to know how you get on.

2. Another interesting technique that I have developed is the use of the CKR symbol. I understand that the vertical part of the symbol is supposed to represent the descent of the Ki from above and that the spiral represents the path taken by the energy as it spirals through the chakras and ends in the heart chakra. I like to follow the course of the  Ki through this path as a meditation/visualisation before I start working and particularly when I am about to attune others.

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