Ayers Pottery -- No web page yet: They're at 303 North 3rd, Hannibal MO 63401 -- (573) 221-6960, 1-800-227-6960. Besides being beautiful, this pottery is also functional. Handles feel comfortable, spouts pour, it is microwavable, ovensafe. I have bought their breadmakers and pie dishes. They are wonderful.

Gevalia Coffee -- My favorite place to buy coffee now has a web page! They have everything, including my favorites, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Traditional, Kenyan, and Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Sunspot Designs -- Animal skulls, beaded and silver jewelry, specialty scent oils, custom designs. Columbine, 411A Highland Ave. #342, Somerville, MA 02144. (617) 716-3121 FAX (617) 776-4767. The best part about Sunspot is that they will make your jewelry to order. I looked everywhere for a certain pin that just didn't exist. Sunspot made them for me.

Lost Age Art -- Decorative and Architectural sculpture for home and garden. Gargoyles, goddesses, mythological creatures (email them for a catalog, no web page yet). PO Box 434, Plainfield, Vermont 05667 (802) 454-1178. I went here for one-stop holiday shopping. I picked up a particularly hideous little gargoyle and said, "This is my dad!" Then I picked up another and said, "This is my mom!" Pretty soon, I had picked out gargoyles that matched my two brothers. These are wonderful folks.

Loreena McKennitt's Homepage and On-line Shop -- You can order hard to find Loreena CDs here.

Mo Hotta Mo Betta Catalog -- Do you like hot sauce that will fry your gizzard? Try Doc's Special Jamaica Hellfire or Voodoo-jerk Slather on for size. Order the hot sauce of your dreams here.

Dilbert store! -- New from the House of Dogbert, first ruler of the Internet, c