Some Thoughts on Elves


Based on information I've gained lately [the last six months, exploring this online], most elves and most otherkin define themselves as a nonhuman 'soul' in a human body. Quite often I've seen the misperception that "we all have human bodies". I do not yet have a solid opinion on those who are something else wrapped in human flesh. I'm studying and learning that currently... Humans producing elves... genetically? Okay, now we get into recessive vs. dominant genes, generational skips, and all sorts of other stuff. We also get into 'breeds': being half elf, quarter elf, hemi-semi-demi elf. Screw the fractions [pardon my language], an elf is an elf. Mostly. There are hereditary/genetic elves. Though humans from a pure human line can not produce an elf, genetically speaking. That would be like two dogs mating and producing a cow. Or having kittens. [very right-field examples which do not consider crossbreeding... wait, two Collie's mating to produce a Rottweiler. There.] There's gotta be elf SOMEWHERE in that line.

I speak primarily from genetic terms: bodysidhe. And the following is generalities/commonalities, culled from my research.

The first historical references to elves have, perhaps, resulted in such beings being interpreted as angelic creatures by current anthropologists and anthrosociologists. A number of different ancient peoples describe 'teachers' or 'healers' of an unusual and previously unknown 'race', these people being tall and of pale skin [white], with sharp features [as has been compared to a reptilian or avian characteristic set] who tended to dress in cloaks of feathers. They are mentioned by several south american peoples [including the Aztecs, the Mayans and the Toltecs] as well as by certain peoples in the Asian part of the world, specifically including the mongolian portions into parts of northeastern Europe not known for their tall, pale skinned peoples. Physically, elves tend towards an ectomorphic appearance [the extreme being mesomorphic] with a 'wiry' muscular build. Muscle mass is difficult to build and is re-absorbed quickly when the exercise regime is halted for any length of time. Females tend also towards the same lithe shape until puberty, shortly after which they curve *chuckle*. Elves are 'comfortable in their skin' and have a constant knowledge of where every smallest part of them are. This results in a tendency to move gracefully and to be accomplished dancers. It also means that most elves do not feel comfortable with piercings, though tattooing IS very attractive and addictforming to elves. As is mythologically stated, elves tend to live longer and appear younger throughout their lives.

Psychologically, elves think faster than most others and have a greater memory capacity, though often at the cost of ease of recall. They are able to 'step outside themselves' and, through introspection and self-exploration, know their flaws, neurosis, et al at a relatively young age. It is not unusual for an elf to speak to himself so: "I feel X... why? Let's see..." There is a strong selfconfidence and arrogance in their chosen arenas accompanied with a deep curiousity, infophiliac leanings, and a constant desire to learn and grow. Elves are also able to multitask very easily, even in unrelated tasks. However, elves DO bore easily with repetitive requirements, resulting in a lot of them not holding down jobs for periods of time exceeding a year or three, at best. Only through independant employment do elves stay with a job for any serious length of time.

Emotionally, most elves are sociopathic: they do not have what most would call a 'conscience' but rather have to learn right and wrong, good and bad the hard way. Though observation and example. Most can seem kind of lukewarm, though within each is a very fiery and strong passion that is oft directed. Most [male] elves don't do guilt and I've yet to meet an elf that did hatred. Anger, yes; hatred, no.

With respect to various energies elves can tap deeper and work with stronger energies than can most others [human and kin]. Elves readily learn the magics of others and seem to be able to adapt or conform to the requirements of such magics with almost minimal efforts. The elven chakras and auras tend towards being much stronger than human and energy flow is high. Elves are almost manic/depressive in their energy output - it cycles from very low, almost hibernational when required to very, very high 'flood the room' situations.

Elves are artistically inclined with a predominant affinity to music. Art may include the manipulation of any media, including information and people.

Elves can be and are very noble and 'proper' when the occasion warrants. They can also tend towards silliness and fun when there is no pressing need to be 'serious'. Elves don't grow up, they mature.