True Form

To help you see the "True Form" of a being.

To Help see the true self of a acting like themselves

If you are "otherkind", feel that your spirit is not human, if you feel that you were xxxx in past life,or want to see the "true form" of another.

This symbol is a double-handed symbol, you start with two fingers in the top dot where the 1 is pointed and with both hands go up-out-around-and back in, then from there go back around (retracing) and out the bowls shape. The next part is the dragon wings. Same way with two hands, start at center and go out to end of wing and down, then start at center again and go out to center of wing and down, then again with the inner most part of wing. Step 6 is the only step that is just one line. Step 7 is drawing both arms at the same time. Step 8 is using two fingers of each hand to draw the roots on both sides at the same time.

(Draw symbol on self to see other peoples true form, or close eyes/use mirror to see your own.....or draw on another person so that they may see)

Channeled by Eyovah in a Reiki Grid with help of Rialian.

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