Blessings of the Dagda


Helen and I decided to take a walk on a misty full-moon winter night.
The mist was slightly frosted and every so often we would feel a small flake against our noses. The temperature felt warmer than expected - not temperature-wise, but as though in a protected space.

Shortly after starting the walk, we paused momentarily to determine the direction that pulled the most strongly - at first we thought it was toward the main road, but then felt a tug toward the bicycle path that ran parallel to the stream that runs by our house.

As soon as we had stepped onto the path, the woods seemed to close around us and we became aware of the directions of the various energy and landflows around us. One flow seemed to run diagonally from the stream, across the road, and through a group of houses, including our own. Another one looped around and arced back toward the stream.

We continued walking upstream, listening to the sound of the water flowing past us. We stopped at a spot where there was a small man-made waterfall constructed of a concrete slab that spanned the creek. There we stopped for a short time and sat by the creek bank and listened to/meditated on the water. When I worked with this area before, I looked at the wall of the waterfall, and found that if you visualize going underneath the waterfall, and go through the slab, you will find yourself "underneath" the water, as in a faerie realm - it was a sort of a faerie doorway. Once through the doorway, you can see how the stream looks in the land of faerie (green forested woodland, the stream lit by a weird daylight sort of light) but you can see how it looks in this realm as well - kind of a weird double perspective. At that time I had worked with a very large Titan (sentient land/water interaction) underneath the stream.

This time, when I worked with the titan underneath the stream, I was pulled toward the land, to look at the bank of the stream itself in the area right behind us. A clear spot in the trees pulled my sight toward it, and then down into the land through the bank. Going through the bank and down into the land, I started seeing big boulders in suspension, that looked a bit like pebbles in concrete but much more organic than concrete - I began flowing through the land, around the boulders, and felt the underwater river flowing through all of it. Then I noticed that there were toxic metals all about, and simultaneously my teeth started to ache wherever there were fillings. I spoke to the metals and asked that they congeal and be in the same place so the water would not interact with them. I got the toxic metals to come together in long very thin slabs like shist mica - dryish brittle feel to it. Some of the toxins came out of the houses and also got locked up in the shists.

Shortly after that we started walking again and crossed a small bridge out into the town again. The temperature suddenly dropped when we were out on the street, but the energies seemed to be flowing much more actively. Continued walking, felt a few more minor tugs to step in this direction or that, and then approached the house.

We opened the gate, and Helen went in, but I closed the gate behind me, and sat on the two outer stones. I felt myself diving deeper in, connected with the land, and felt pulled to look behind me toward the house. I went deeper, saw/felt the stone walkway, and the fence surrounding the yard. Then I felt the fence come alive and grow up to protect the house, both above and below. It grew roots into the earth and branches above and sheilded the entire house. Then I saw the house become a hill - and there was a star above the house with energy pouring down, and a well beneath the house, similar to a faerie cairn.

I worked with the flows outside the yard -- the house was now a hill with a forest growing out of it, and was the doorway into a dolman or a cairn, starlight flowing from above into the top of the hill, and there was a well underneath, deep underneath, with the house being the focal point, and everything surrounding was forest. And then I walked around outside and walked and noticed that the threeway intersection where the house is built was actually a depression, and as I walked through that and over again, there was a well in the creek with energy flowing up through it -- and this well waters the whole area it seems. That all interlinks with how the house is in its own way. So I walked back over to the house, and I saw you walking around, said mew but you walked right past me and didn't see me, so I walked around and towards the east of the house. I went under the cedar and was sitting up against the house, and sitting down, noticed that place would be a good altar place to work with.

Just then I felt insects all around, and I went deep under, felt deep dark water, didn't see what color it was, but I felt the insects lessening like they were fading out, I see them fading. While I was in the dark, I uncovered a stone, a diamond shape, clearish diamond shape, and then I saw the place where it was supposed to go, a statuish sort of thing, so I put the stone on the statue. I got the impression that rather than being something from old legends, that this was the "Blessings of the Dagda" creative information, life, protection. and then I saw the stone glowing and linking up with the stellar energy, and underneath the Well, and this was the next level of awakening for the house. I felt the energies dancing between the Well and the Stars and the Stone, and walked around singing and thinking mentally, the Blessings of the Dagda. And then I came in.

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