Landflow Connections

The first time I contacted the Landflows in a big way (though not
consciously) was when the crawl space under my house flooded... It was built, you see, right in the path of an underground river. I could go one of two ways - completely seal the outside of the foundations to block out the water, or assist the water in flowing through the house so it would not be blocked by or trapped by it. I chose to make the house transparent to the flows by assisting the flows.

I had a pumping system installed under the house that would do the job, and dumped several tons of absorbant rocks in the space to filter the water naturally as river rocks would have done. I also planted a willow tree out in the yard to drink excess water, and honored the water spirits. I never had any problems in the house with water after that.

I didn't really understand that I had actually opened up a blocked landflow, but looking back, that is what I had done.

More recently, I began to feel choked up and trapped inside my house. I really didn't know where that feeling was coming from, but instinctively I began to get rid of some things. At first, I only got rid of small things, but as time passed, larger items followed. Finally, Rialian hit upon the answer. He consciously tapped into the flows of the land beneath/around the house and realized that several large pieces of furniture were blocking the path of the flow. Out the door they went, and were replaced by smaller pieces that didn't block the flows. The choking feeling vanished.

On a larger scale, we decided to walk a circle around our neighborhood and do some energy work to unblock the landflows nearby to where we lived - there was a definite feeling that needed to be done. So we took a roughly circular walkabout, noticed where there were pools of stagnant energy, and provided bursts of energy to start it flowing again. Each time we did that, it seemed that a fresh breeze would start up.

The opening of landflows is akin to Feng Shui, but not quite, because it doesn't follow a set pattern - it follows the natural flows of a particular piece of land which may or may not conform to normal Feng Shui conventions.

This link will take you to a working that Rialian and I did involving working with the Landflows - not trying to alter them in any way, just acknowledging them and activating them a bit more than they were already.

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