A Walk in the Snow


It had snowed all day, and a fine powder covered the road and the
trees so they shone like diamonds in the moonlight. We decided that this would be a fine time for a Listarii to take a walk, so we bundled up in our winter scarves, gloves, and coats, and ventured outdoors. We turned left up the path that led through the woods near the house, and all was cold and still, a mist of snow still falling.

After we had proceeded down the path a ways, we met someone on the path and greeted him with "How you doing?" He replied, "Just enjoying the day, man, just enjoying the day..." The scent of pot wafted by us (he was indeed enjoying the day, so to speak). I hadn't experienced the presence of pot spirits for many years, so it was interesting feeling them teach the poor unsuspecting human about the land spirits. It felt much better to be on an elven path where one can walk the landflows without the aid of sacred plants.

Anyway, we continued down the path, which opened into a clearing backed onto the woods. As we stared at the woods, things seemed to shift a bit and the land looked more ethereal. Rialian said at that point, that the lighting and feel and temperature and energy flows felt right, felt very much like what he experienced on the Listarii world. He said that sometimes they would get snow in winter, and that the lighting and the way it felt was very much like what we were seeing.

He also found himself walking differently - when he put his right foot forward, his left shoulder would move forward, and when he put his left foot forward, his right shoulder would move forward. I saw him walking like this and thought it felt much more stable than the way I was walking, so I tried it and it felt much more comfortable to track that way in the snow. Perhaps it is the gait of the Listarii trackers, who knows.

We retraced our steps along the same path, still savoring the sensation of being part in this world and part out of it. We emerged from the woods onto the street. The holiday lights looked beautiful as they shone through a layer of snow. We stopped under a tree hung with ivy, but in the weird light it didn't look like ivy - we couldn't tell what it was - could have been mistletoe. We kissied under the "mistletoe" just in case it was that (never pass up an opportunity!)

Presently, we reached the entrance to a small park and walked along the creek bank. We arrived at the place where there is a manmade waterfall made of a slab of stone spanning across the creek and stood by the water for a while. There were no particular impressions this time except that we needed to be there. I touched one of the trees and "sang" to it (consisting of putting my hands on the tree and merging energies with it, not necessarily making a vocal sound (but sometimes I do).

By that time, water had gotten in my boots so we walked back home. As soon as we reached home, Rialian first looked out toward the creek, then toward the house. He said that first he got the impression that all the energy that we had gathered by walking the land had collected within him. Then he turned around and he saw an underworld temple open up underneath the house, and all the energy of the walk had gone into the underground temple and shot up through the house.

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