Walking the Thresholds

The Walking the Thresholds gathering of otherkin and friends
will be held at Four Quarters Farm in June. Here are some useful links for WtT:

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Walking the Thresholds is a gathering for those who are not necessarily of human kind, but feel more toward a mythical flow, be they Elven, Fae, Scaled One, Clawed One, etc., and/or creature of Outer Origins. The gather's purpose is to make it possible for those who know each other only by online communication to finally meet face to face, converse and make connections....and at the same time provide an interface between differing communities of folk that may have no communication otherwise. Existing bonds can be made stronger and new ones formed. We are greatly looking forward to meeting you in a safe, woodland setting near a sparkling stream.

There will be Kin-related discussions and workshops on many topics of interest. Bring the knowledge you want to share on otherkin-related topics, or topics that you think will be of interest. Past topics have included magical craftwork, sweat lodge, how to draw faerie anime, machine magic, otherkin sexuality, fae-mutated Reiki and other healing modalities, awakenings, hosts, intentional communities, fencing, Feng Shui, Runes, and more. There will also be drumming and bardic storytelling around the fire. If you feel moved to lead one of the above or a totally different workshop or discussion group please contact Rialian at thresholds@rialian.com.

We will also be creating and doing a ritual together on-site. (We have some ideas for workings & workshops, but suggestions are welcome), and we will be planning the main ritual on site.

Vendors are encouraged to come (no fee) if you have otherkin-related wares (7-pointed stars and faerie art/sculpture/comix/zines will be immediately snapped up! Beautiful and unusual handmade clothing and jewelry are irresistible to otherkin. If you make the music of the faerie realms (non-electronic, around the fire), we invite you to share it with us.

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