A Christmas Eve Walk

I was pulled to walk on the eve of Christmas, to do a Faery walk.

First I began by walking the grounds, and felt the presence of a
titanic force, a deep presence that wanted my attention. At first I thought it was the Dagda, but it corrected my error and there were female(?) presences dancing about me, telling me it was Manu..and he was not happy. He said/they said that he was more connected to another area that was connected to this one through the lines of communication along the land... that he was in the area we call New Jersey. Force was applied across these lines, and he wanted it dealt with... that "She" was being out of line, and was to be dealt with. I have little idea as to who this She was.... but it felt to be someone extending themselves along the lines in a way not conducive to proper action.

So I began the walk... and rapidly found myself growing in stature, to gigantic proportions. I saw myself crossing great distances, until I arrived at the area of the problem. I felt thin lines....Lines of telephone wire wrap around my legs....and I walked, and they ripped and tore and snapped. I heard screams, mostly of the female presence that had caused the disturbance. Her lines were being cut, and she was pissed.

We continued to walk and felt the lines separate and become nothing....the earth pulled them in and absorbed them, cleansing the earth of their influence. The force of life of the presence that had caused the lines to form was drained into the earth, her life re-leased into the soil it had been feeding from. The physical wind increased, and I looked about... There was rubble behind me, and a clearing of wind and mist....the lines were gone.

I returned to my own home, walking there and becoming myself again...I felt Manu thank me for my assistance, and depart. I returned the extra energy of the walk into the earth and the land.

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