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Bright ideas going slightly awry….

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

===So, I decided to start building the chicken tractor/mobile coop. ===I am using 8 foot long 2 by 4s. ===It is 8 foot long on the top and sides, the legs are 8 feet long, and meet at a right angle. ===Yes, you are possibly guessing now the slight error I made, in the length [...]

Allergies, colds, and posting!

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

===One of these days I will get around to tagging and organizing my blogs…but not today! ===I am feeling a fair bit better today.  I was having what seemed to be a bit of an allergy, but it had a hint of a cold to it. (yes, the reactions do have some subtle differences in [...]