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The morning quotes…and other thoughts (URBAN HOMESTEADING!!!!!)

by rialian - February 21st, 2011.
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===”You know, if we had spawned when we met, we would have someone to work on the land right now…(grins)  (This was not me, by the by, this was my wonderful wife…)

===This of course spawned an entertaining morning conversation about children, farming, and proper application of children.

===(We just visited a fine local farm that has the farming  aspect pretty much run by the eldest daughter.  Awesome place, and she obviously enjoys her work.  The whole family is involved in making it work)


===Oh, today, take a glance over at the fine folks at Take Back Urban Home-Steading(s).  In a nutshell, the Dervaes, a family over in Pasedena, California, decided it would be a bright idea to tick off folks that work with the idea of becoming more self-sufficient through home and hearth farming in whatever way they can…by TRADEMARKING the terms “Urban Homestead” , “Urban Homesteading”, and a host of others, sending out what are effectively cease and desist letters to a bunch of folks, and then got folks booted off Facebook.  They even attempted to get Google to block searches on the book “Urban Homesteading”, a book that had been published 2 years before they got the trademark.  (never mind that the term has been around since…well, they keep finding earlier references.  1800′s was the last time I checked for in the United States…..)

===This….was a BAD idea.

===So, take a glance….it has been entertaining, in a good way (Sad that the Dervaes decided to go from Heros to Zeroes in  record time, but good to see folks doing positive things to deal with such games.  I am also finding a lot of nifty blogs with good information in them out of this….).

===It is good to see real manifestations of what resistance and honor look like, in whatever way and level it comes out anywhere.  It is good to see, as there really has been too many wrapping themselves up in the clothes of revolution, who are more tools of money rather than manifestations of real positive change in the world.

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