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Rabbits…and other thoughts…

by rialian - February 21st, 2011.
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===We now have them..  We have a number of projects we have been meaning to do, and today we decided that we were going to go to Tractor Supply and get the materials I needed to make cages and possibly a hutch. I found a very nice design for a PVC framework to hang cages on…but sadly they did not have the stuff I needed for the frame.  They did have good wire mesh that I am going to use….

===And they had rabbits.  We decided that we should get two, and start the process.  So we got a cage setup for them, and what we needed to make more, and whatnot. (grins)  They are now out on the porch, well protected from the snow that has decided to show up.  Draft protection has been provided.

===Sadly, my wife did not go for my choice in names….we have gone with Little Bunny and Foo Foo. (Nothing with an event horizon for a name, and Lunch and Dinner were right out.)


===Looking over at Take Back Urban Home-steading(s), it looks like the EFF has gotten involved ( Riding the Fences of the “Urban Homestead”: Trademark Complaints and Misinformation Lead to Improper Takedowns.  I think the Dervaes have a problem.  Ok…they obviously had a problem before this, but this steps it up a few notches.

===In my own opinion,we all have degrees of “crazy” that guide our lives in good and bad ways.  The question is not wether or not we are crazy…it is more what we DO with that crazy, and does it make the world a better place.  Sadly, the Dervaes appear to have let the bad aspect of their crazy grab the wheel and run themselves into the rest of the Homesteading/sustainabilty movement, where before it had been doing quite a reasonable job inspiring folks by letting more functional parts of the crazy have the wheel. 

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