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A fine morning…and vermicomposting

by rialian - February 28th, 2011.
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===So far this morning has been quite nice.  I have had my coffee, and I have cared for the rabbits.  I am getting some of the outdoor chores done in short bursts, as it is intermittently raining. (some distant thunder rolling up and down the mountain to our east, the fogs are actually rolling up the valley near the garden and traveling into the woods on the other side.  I love days like this.)

===I ordered the composting worms on Saturday, so they should be shipping today and getting here in the next few days.  As a note to folks that might be thinking of doing the vermicomposting, I HIGHLY recommend you get Eisenia fetida, rather than any other sort…make sure of what you are getting.  The problem is that the other species can actually disrupt forest ecosystems (they pull a large amount of leaf matter into the soil…which sounds good, until you realize that the forests here NEED to have a long-lasting leaf layer for a number of trees to properly germinate.  (Now you know why your gutters get so many more trees than the grounds, amongst other things…)

===The Eisenia fetida have different behavioral and environmental needs (more happy in your compost piles and bins), so they are not as much a problem.  That said….please do not put your worms in the forest.

===However, having them compost your food wastes (or, in our case, the rabbit droppings and our food scraps) is perfectly fine, and they will confine themselves to the gardens for the most part.

===(as a side-note…I am not into the over-emphasis of “invasive species”…but reasonable precautions are a good idea.)

===I am hoping to get a fair bit of seed-starting done…I need to make more soil blocks, and get a rack or two set up here at Mithlond (last week, I was over at my neighbors making soil blocks with them, and getting some plants started over there.)

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