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by rialian - February 28th, 2011.
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===As some folks know, I have a fair bit of allergies…..as does my entire family except my mother.

===It did not help that we had different allergies.

===You can imagine the “fun” my mother had in figuring out foods we could all eat, else she would have to do separate dishes.

===Well, it has been a very long time, but I have finally gone back to making one of those fine foods I grew up on.  That item would be egg/rice patty/pan-cake.  Essentially, all it is is rice (preferably warm, can be made with cold, but it bonds better warm), and eggs.  if you are making the skillet-pie thing, you use 4-5 cups rice, 5-7 eggs, mix thoroughly, and pour into a pan.  You cook on medium to high for a bit covered, to get it to cook through and through, then uncover and cook a short bit more, cool a bit and let harden (I suggest oiling the pan…you will not be getting it out nicely unless you do)

===The other variation is to make it into patties and cook it on the pan.  Less egg, just enough to hold it together.  Let it cook a lot before you flip it.

===Eat warm or cold…(I prefer warm with jam or honey or cheese.) It is also a great “carry with” food, which I often did for my lunches.

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