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Starting seeds, reading books

by rialian - March 3rd, 2011.
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===Well, got a nice mini-greenhouse (really, a shelving unit, with three shelves, and a cover) the other day to get some plants started over here at Mithlond.  The result is quite nice.

===Worms in the worm bin are quite happy.

===Just started reading several things at once…someone lent me via kindle an interesting book on vaccine choice (I have a respect for vaccine technology.  I think we play a bit too fast and loose with it, and denigrate the folks reporting issues at our peril.)

===Also reading a book that someone got for me : Surviving Off Off-Grid: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind .  So far, an excellent read. It is refreshing to see folks of the Christian faith doing it right, rather than doing it right-wing.  (Joel Salatin is another one of these sorts that I like.) I think this book is likely go go into that list of books that I recommend to folks, regardless of their spiritual path.  His focus on mindset is top-notch.  (If you do go to the site, click on the special message link on the left hand side….this sort of essay is a good example of why he gains a lot of respect from me.)

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