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Oh, look…actual research! (grins)

by rialian - March 13th, 2011.
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===(Ok….that was a slight jab at an otherkin timeline I know of that seems to ignore input and corrections…)

===More seriously:

Elf Queen’s Daughters and the Silver Elves

===I know the author of this site…good folk, and knows what research MEANS.  (also, a really nice person to boot.)

===The site is worth going over. (I actually need to read more of it sometime, I probably will do so this week, get a horrified look, and go hide from the internet….not.  I seriously doubt that will be my reaction. (grins))

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  1. Thanks!

  2. It is a nice read, thank you for posting the link.

    Though I’d like to add an observation of mine: I can’t help wondering that the phenomen of “Silver Elves” and “Elenari” are more or less confined on English speaking folk.
    It’s an observation I made earlier on, and what continues to make me wonder.
    Maybe there’s not much more behind. Still, it’s something what propels me on to read/cross reference more with Italian/French/German lore (sorry, the only other tongues I speak beside Japanese, and English)

  3. ===Well, interestingly enough…I find in searches a bunch of Portuguese sites referencing me, based in Brazil….and there are a number of bands there REALLY into things Celtic. 

    ===There had been a FASCINATING contact I had a long time ago that had been doing some genetic/bloodline work, and their main site had been in French. (I am going to have to look through the old hard drives again to see if I still have their stuff…I printed a bunch of it up, and it is hiding very well right now..) (They would contact me, have a page up for a few weeks, then disapear COMPLETELY…rather maddening, that…) One of the few folks that had noted a dental bit I have as welll as a possible common trait.

    ===I have some suspicions it may be a general cultural thing.  I do know there SEEMS to be a bit of a Germanic background to most folks associated with the groups that are called “elenari” (Do not mind me…still dislike the politics that gave birth to that term. )

  4. If you dislike the politics what gave birth to that term – you haven’t heard Stephen yet on the subject…
    Simply “Outch” :-)

    On the Germanic background: All those I came accross who call themselves Elenari are either very young, or don’t speak any other language than English. Or both.

    And the only Germanspeaking ones I’ve met sofar I met at the Middle-Earth-Festival in Valais, where it’s all Tolkien-fandom and such.
    Funnily enough, after the 2nd movie came out, half of them changed themselves to “Eorlingas” and today none of them ever remembers having identified as “Elenari”. (and insulted a very simple elf as “you can’t be elven” as that elf didn’t wear any fancy wear and pointed out that stepping into the protected wood for photoshoots is bad)
    So – based on my experience with these, I have a hard time, a very hard time to take most “Elenari” seriously.

    And I had to admit, I stayed away from anything as Internet discussion boards for a long long time, and missed the whole English-speaking discussions.

  5. ===(chuckles) Would love to hear the commentary sometime.  I like different perspectives, I just do not like power games. (grins) ( I was connected to the folks that coined the term…I consider myself “Listari”, as the name-feel is right, even if it is not really likely to be what it would have been. (but my morphogenic field/descriptive whatnot is for another post…(grins) The folks that developed the term Elenari were of one of the sub-groups, and are a bit into control, sadly.

    ===A lot of the current batch are young, who have encountered the pages put up by Sileniel or one of the other…interesting…folk.  I have chatted with a few that are actually not bad at all, but I do

    ===I do fully admit, I only speak English fluently.  (ok, some folks like to pick on me about my idiocyncracies in speech and writing, but I think it still counts as English..) I got bolluxed up on my learning other languages due to some unfortunate shifts in school (I do keep meaning to teach myself Botanical Latin, as I really enjoyed Latin in school, but with my current interests the Botanical Latin seems most appropriate..(grins) When I am talking Germanic, I am more referring to ancestry.

  6. ===In regards to the folks inspired by media, and the rather convenient shifting of memory/history….yeah, that does make it difficult to take folks seriously.  It is one of the reasons I use the term “identity-kin” to refer to some sorts out there. Some folks use elven/otherkin/whatnot as a descriptor, to help in actual communication.  Others decide to wear an identity and adjust the trappings appropriately to be able to play the part. 

    ===Then again, some folks put on the pieces to feel it out, and this can be a phase they go through.  Some folks need to go into the theatrics of things to be able to give it a proper shake-down run in their lives, and then they find out what is the real in their identification schema.  So I do try to not be too hard on them.

  7. ===A lot of the “quiet ones” have much the same thought processes in regards to the discussion boards and such.  A lot have worked things out on their own, and do not really go for the dynamic that the folks working it out socially do.

    ===I suspect that the english forums have simply been the more accessable and easily found….I do wish I had the linguistic skill-sets to do other languages and chat with other cultures…but I do not.

    ===Hrm.  I do wonder what would happen if I put a link up for folks to be able to put an email address up with a note on preferred language use, and see what happens….I may not be able to speak other languages, but I do know a number of the other quiet ones do.

  8. ===(Believe me…the quiet ones that work with the “elenari” bits have a really hard time taking the elenari aspects seriously as well, due to the posturing of the more loud folk.  Those that have that bit to them, that are sane/quiet, tend to drop each other occasional notes and check in, but RARELY discuss stuff all that much, due to that problem.)

  9. I do believe you, it is hard to argue silently if the loud croud is waving colourful flags all about ;-)
    And am I mistaken, or do we share a smiliar streak here? If I think the discussion isn’t worth my time, I just don’t write.

    And discussion boards – some of them are quite interesting to read, though I am only active on one, and there the Elven section is between sleeping and dozing. But with only two of the folk writing… it’d be a rather dull read, as these two agree most of the time.

    But maybe there is also a difference of some people arriving on a discussion board in need to discuss their newly discovered elven (or teapot or whatever) side, compared to others who know who they are and don’t have the urge to discuss everything?

    Don’t worry about languages, to each their own. Though as Stephen’s a native English speaker, you wouldn’t have much trouble talking to each other. And he too writes sometimes in winded ways (funnily I don’t consider your nor his writing as strange. Plus you both encourage me to look up words for other meanings than those I’ve learned)

  10. ===I used to try a bit more, but I now more often just do a couple raised eyebrows, say a word or two as a hook, then walk off and see what happens.

    ===Most of the elven sorts just are not into the noise and the arguing.  (One of the reasons I have a high regard for the Silver elves is that they seem to have found a really good style of communicating, essentially laying their stuff out there, and they really do not have to bother with folks arguing.)

    ===There is that difference, and also the issue that earlier on there was a sense of more privacy and a lot less noise on the forums of folks that might be trolling for dramas to watch. 

    ===There was also a fair bit more of folks having worked on things for a while before finding others in real-time communication to chat with.  Now, you are more likely to find folks in a search, and not have to work out so much on your own. (grins) Less effort, which tends to mean less inclination to really work on testing things out for oneself.

    ===The winded ways seems to be an elven thing, though some of us have a worse case of it than others….as a good friend was just commenting to me about having to translate what the heck I was saying because of my writing style…(grins)

  11. Usually I don’t argue, yet sometimes it’s just too tempting not to enter into an argument. And on a rather sceptical board it’s fun to reply to comments as “as Philadelphia is an old city, there must be a lot of energetic things going on” with “Hmm – I look out to a bona-fide-castle from my office window… old has a different meaning here” – and then watch them going off again ;-)

    Most of the time I don’t care whether anyone enters into an argument. I state my point of view, and either it’s read or ignored, I don’t care much what other people think (most of the time they don’t do it very often anyway)

    I think the possibilities the internet is offering, on information, on exchange, on communications are a two sided “blessing”. I miss the “good old times” sometimes, where one had to know someone who would know someone etc.
    Yet on the other hand, there are many interesting minds I would never have met if not for the internet (you among others)

  12. ===(chuckles) To be fair, it does take a while for a city to get a real steady personality, and Philly is one of the older towns here..(grins)

    ===I think that a number of folks use the internet a bit like the way you describe the good old times…a few folks have an open hearth out (like this one), and folks wander in to chat.  Others will then note that someone is worth chatting with, and will open communication. 

    ===One of the good things about the internet is that it allows for reasonably easy to find open hearths.  The bad thing is that those hearths are easier to invade and make make the hosts not want to have to deal with the noise. (sad chuckle)

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