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A fine morning….FOR TEASING! (grins)

by rialian - March 16th, 2011.
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===First, the amusement of the other day….

===I slightly tweaked someone for their lack of response to folks sending them information that they have received from folks before.  I got my first response I think I have gotten from them in YEARS…as a result of my posting here.  it was less than a day, in fact.

===It should be noted that I am NOT maligning their timeline work, but more commenting on their lack of acknowledging (or using) data that has been sent to them via several folks.  Of course, it could be very well be that they have an excessive spam filter, and I do understand being busy….but you know, if you want to be seen as a serious researcher, you at least use the data sent to you, and let folks know in less than a year that you did actually get their data. (chuckles)

===And yes, I wrote them back the same day, after they wrote me a bit upset I had tweaked them.  It has now been more than a day.  So I am tweaking them again, and in fact encouraging folks to write here with things they wanted to submit, as it does seem that the response time here is in fact better than what they can expect from direct communication. (grins) I should also note that I have had folks actually REQUEST I do this.

===So…OPEN CHAT WITH THE RESEARCHER ON MY BLOG!  Please go to http://www.rialian.com/wordpress/ if you want a slight possibility of response from said researcher. (I will let them post up their links to their work…and if they do, I do encourage folks to assist them in getting things documented.  My slipping into Prince Righteous mode does not mean that I dislike this person…(laughter)

===Ok…Edited to add update:

===(More laughter) Just heard from said individual….who has taken my chiding very well.  They will be trying to be a bit better with the responding. (I should note, there are reasons I do not take on such a project…as I have been jokingly referred to as the email black hole…and I actually still need to send a box of stuff to Lupa that I rescued from a store that was going down that she had stuff on consignment at.) I still would not mind seeing conversation on the main blog, though..(grins)

6 Responses to A fine morning….FOR TEASING! (grins)

  1. Page 21, first recorded use of the word ‘otherkin’:
    I can corroborate that entry somewhat; one of us was monitoring a number of natural magick and witchcraft related mailing lists, and recalls someone mentioning members of their coven coming out as Otherkin and then being summarily chased out for “having gone ’round the bend.” It may have been November of 1996 through February of 1997.

    I may have the mailing list archived from that time on floppy disk, but the archives are several states away and may no longer be accessible.

    Page 23, Alfandria MUCK entry:
    The phrasing “On Telnet, the Alfandria MUCK is started.” is not exactly accurate. Telnet is not a data network but a protocol at layer 7 of the OSI protocol stack. It would be more accurate to say “The Alfandria MUCK, accessible using Telnet, was started.”

    Page 53: Publication of Cyberia:

    The book Cyberia: Life In the Trenches of Hyperspace by Douglas Rushkoff was first published in a hardback edition in the year 1994 c.e. by Harper Collins (ISBN 0-06-251010-X). Our predecessor’s journals at the time reflect an interest in tracking down the magickian Green Flame. The complete text can be read online at the author’s website: http://rushkoff.com/books/cyberia/

    We advise taking that text with a dose of salt, as its portrayal of hacker culture at the time (approximately 1990-1993) is fairly inaccurate. As much so as its portrayal of rave culture in the United States at the time.  Thus, the portrayal of Green Flame may be questionable.

    p. 39: Do you mean Handfasting and Wedding Rituals by Raven Kaldera and Tannin Schwartzstein (ISBN 978-0-7387-0470-8)? I have the text and can track down the reference when I have a moment.

    Looking through the comments in that individual’s Livejournal with respect to later releases of the Timeline, I wonder how much of the information was incorporated into later revisions of the text.

  2. ===I would have to go re-read it again…I read it recently, which is why I had contacted them with a few notes, such as the data about one list he references (Elenari and Friends, which was started was by Adara, and was during the time that she working with Jarin, I believe.  I would have to check on my notes/printouts/whatnot, but just after that is when they started H.O.P.E.

    === I have a bunch of stuff on that bit of clusterfrack, but Jarin probably has more complete notes on that…I have to admit, I am glad all that all happened back then, rather than now.  (I use “Frack” not just to be cute, but that thing did poison the water for a bit for a bunch of folks that decided that perhaps there was too much stupid out and about, and they rather just be who they were, and just chat with folks NOT into organizing anything more than a social occasion or two.

  3. ===There is also the little problem that Four Quarters is in Artimas, Pennsylvania….not in Rockville, Maryland.  Something that is reasonably apparent if you go to their website:


  4. ===And then, there is the issue of the “Meowers…” (sad chuckle).  THAT was disappointing, but I do understand if that did not get entered into the record.  The rather outspoken ‘kin that was really involved in that bit of idiocy is no longer identifying as otherkin (for other reasons, not because of any sadness for their part in that).

  5. That particular ‘kin does in fact still identify as Other.  She just doesn’t associate with online ‘kin groups anymore.

    And the Elvenkin Digest was using the term Otherkin before there were any online communities, as far back as 1990.  They coined it collectively.

  6. ===There has been some discussion in email about the term usage, in that it might have popped up occasionally other places, but it did not really get USED as a main descriptor until TirNanOc and those discussions in a couple of channels.

    ===Ah, I had thought I had heard from several folks that read your journal that you had made a pronouncement that you no longer considered yourself along those lines.  I stand corrected in this itterration of things.

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