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And now, the nicer, more elf-ane post..(grins)

by rialian - March 16th, 2011.
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===Actually, more homestead-y post, but in my case, it is all related.

===I have a few projects to get done around here at Mithlond:

—A number of rabbit hutches to build.

—A portable coup/tractor for the chickens (I am looking at the idea of a chicken tractor that carries the fencing needed to create an open paddock for larger areas.)

—Also, need to get to work on building my new Top-Bar Hive, with the thicker wood.

===We should be getting more straw in today or tomorrow, and that means I can get the rest of the garden sheet-mulched before the weekend, I hope.

===I am also plotting out the part of the field that we will be NOT mowing, as it has a fair number of black locust coming up…and that is what I will be basing my permaculture coppicing garden on. (grins)

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