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by rialian - March 16th, 2011.
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===So, amongst the other projects I have had, one that has been waiting in the wings is to do SOMETHING with our old dead pavilion that died last year under the heavy snows.  This pavilion is actually one of those hollow steel (heavy) modular things that gets used as a temporary-ish garage by some some folks.  It got rather….wrecked…but being left up while we were not around to knock snow off of it last snow season.

===So, it has been lying under the house, waiting to be used.

===It is essentially metal pipes and shaped connectors.  It is now in a 6-sided configuration, slightly weird due to the bends in the ends of the pipes I salvaged. 

===We are not sure what this will become.  I could easily attach walls to it, I think…the roof will be interesting, possibly a tall pole, or pvc pipes bent into a dome formation.  We shall see.  It might become my rabbit hutch area, actually.

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