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So, what is happening today?

by rialian - March 28th, 2011.
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===Well, I am actually about to go get the ridge-pole for our soon-to-be chicken tractor/portable coop.  Probably should not be glancing at the internet….but did. (chuckles)

===Very occasionally, I will do a search on my name.  It will sometimes be rather amusing, and sometimes not.  I note that Rialian seems to be a name that some WoW folks apparently like.  This amuses me.

===I then came upon a discussion on if I was “fluffy”, in connection to my history to having dealt with “The Elenari”.

===Sometime I should do my rant on the “Elenari Mythos”.  I suspect it will amuse some, horrify others, and otherwise get me winning bottles of wine due to my once again being the person that smote their childhood in a past life and this one. 

===However, this bit will not be that rant.  I was more amused that folks consider the Silver Elves “Fluffy”.  I actually have read all their stuff…and I admit, I might have had a bit of a belief they were “white light and rainbows” early on….but you know what, anyone that has actually READ a large portion of their stuff is going to note that it is actually rather strong stuff. (admittedly, they are a good bit nicer than I am…but nice does not mean ineffectual or fluffy-airheaded.)

===Anyway, I do not frequent such boards these days…I am a bit too into my own thing, attempting to do the homestead/sanctuary with an elven awareness and such….  But if folks want to drop me a line with questions, I might write answers up in posts. (This will most likely be mainly on the blog at Thoughts and Considerations, with some cross-posting to the other journals if folks wish to see.)

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