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Things in the list of “Rialian, do not do this”

by rialian - March 29th, 2011.
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===I should not do a search on things involving my deceased brother. (I do have a still living one)

===Folks attempting to get me upset by playing off his suicide are not going to get me upset at what they say, but at the fact that folks think to do such things are amusing.  It is DEPRESSING to think that folks actually find amusement in doing such things.  The fact that this sort of thing proliferates is depressing. 

===I have an idea…instead of going out and finding things to mock, try creating something of interest that will make the world a better place.  Whatever you might say about my brother, he did do what he could to help others,and did a damned good job of it.  He enjoyed himself while he did it, as well…so you can laugh when you see a picture of him running through the woods with a cloak….he knew it looked silly…that was part of the POINT.  Someone mocking him for it does not make me ashamed of him…it makes me sad for the quality of the person mocking him. (grins)

===Yep, he committed suicide…He had done a very good job of dealing with sudden bouts of depression over the years (to the point that no one really KNEW just how deep it hit on those occasions), but a confluence of events hit at the wrong time, and the depression won. (One factor was probably his experimentations on diet, and he had been exploring a rather strict vegetarianism at the time.  He actually had succeeded in being able to eat legumes…which is impressive, as he had the more severe reaction than I do.  I suspect that the diet might have made him less resilient in terms of dealing with that depression, though.  This is not a slam on vegetarianism, by the by….it is a good thing for some folks, but probably NOT for my family.  I am rather more on the carnivore side of the omnivore spectrum, myself.  I do not know if he was taking vitamin B supplements as I understand is a strong suggestion for those on said diet.)

===He still did more good in the world than most of the folks that would fault him for being a bit goofy, and his willingness to let the more goofy bits of his belief explorations show. So I think that his hand in the game of life beats most detractors. (chuckles)

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  1. It makes me so sick inside that anyone would do that.  It’s way over the line and gross and makes them lesser people in my eyes.

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