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Allergies, colds, and posting!

by rialian - March 31st, 2011.
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===One of these days I will get around to tagging and organizing my blogs…but not today!

===I am feeling a fair bit better today.  I was having what seemed to be a bit of an allergy, but it had a hint of a cold to it. (yes, the reactions do have some subtle differences in feel).  Well, it did indeed become a cold, and I think the thing that was confusing me is that I think the onset of the cold dropped my allergy thresholds.  It is not something i had thought of before (that I can remember), so I will watch for that in the future.

===I really did not get anything done that I had hoped to yesterday.  I never did hear back from the folks with the inexpensive, but nice quality plywood I wanted to use to build the enclosed part of the chicken tractor.  The chicks are getting bigger, and should be able to be out in the next week or so,

===Next post will likely be an exploration of some of my thoughts on things elven, for those so interested. I may decide to not go into my utter dislike of how the “Elenari” term came about, but more go into my own views on what it means to be elven….or something else..(grins)

===Oh, for your listening pleasure, I direct you to Ancient FM…if you have issues getting it into your favorite player, here is the address to put into it : http://ancientfm.com:7066/listen.pls (I use Audacious on my system, as I like a slightly more minimalist approach to my music player while I am doing other things.  For those not using Linux, think WinAmp-inspired player.)

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