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Morning at Mithlond

by rialian - April 1st, 2011.
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===One of the nice things about living on the western side of a mountain is that I get to see nifty things like just where the ice/snow line in spring is above us, before the sun fully warms things up.

===It is not terribly cold out, but in conditions like this you can really get a feel for what 2-300 feet difference can mean , without it being a drastic change in ecology.  (we are around 800 feet above sea level, probably a bit over that.  The weather station I have my computer set at is at 1152 feet, a bit south of us facing East across from us, I think….one of these days I will track that down a bit closer to where it is and see).

===I face west, so I get to see some nice sunsets over the far mountain…and I get to see the weather as it flows in from that direction.  Right now?  Sitting in my kitchen, looking at the iced low mountaintop, watching the clouds travel to the morning sun I do not yet see, but get the harbingers of light from.

===The young chickens are cheeping at me…they will be going outside I think next week, as it will be warming a bit more and they are mostly feathered out.  They are inquisitive little velociraptors,…you can see them wanting to hunt. (Chickens may eat grain, but they are also DEFINITELY hunters of insects.  I have been gaining a bit of respect for their intelligence and awareness as I have been watching them grow bigger.)

===All in all, a good morning. The coffee is a nice thing to have as well…(grins)

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  1. It sounds very nice. I live south of the Jura Range, what grants me a wonderful morning and evening sunshine, though also allows weather changes from the Atlantic to rush in very quickly from the west, bringing warm and wet air.

    And yes – chickens are very smart, I am sure they are going to love to run outside and hunt :-)

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