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by rialian - April 7th, 2011.
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===Ok, first, information for those folks that use LJ: it has been under serious DDos attack for much of this week: Russian bloggers accuse authorities of cyberwar.  Things like this are a good reason to have multiple sites to post to. (I use this one, and I mirror some bits at LJ and another site.)

===On to other things….

PermaSphere great link to find lots of good information on permaculture and such.

===I wonderful short essay here (This was pointed out on the permaculture listserve i am on that is at the above link):
Subtle Energies in a Montana Greenhouse by Woody Wodraska

===I will say several things…one, I have encountered Agnihotra before, and it is actually a rather impressive thing.  I might have to explore it myself sometime (I met someone that worked with it years ago, and the effect on the space when they did it was remarkable…a very clean, healing flow to it.).

===I also like the overall tone of this essay, which is to not downtalk science, but to acknowledge that it is not the only measure of worth, and that for some of us gardening (and life overall, really) is more an art than a science.  (I like science, actually…I just really do not like the mindset folks get when they turn it into a religion that uses insights as weapons against other faiths.  I am speaking of the attitudes folks carry while being “RIGHT” (put in the trademark insignia to show that it is the proper way to be, all legal-like and all that)(grins)

===Probably not surprising, I am reading more of a fine book on the history of the Luddites, ( Rebels Against The Future: The Luddites And Their War On The Industrial Revolution: Lessons For The Computer Age ) Tech and tools have their place….and I am not convinced that we have been developing our tools intelligently, nor do I believe that what we call “progress” is really Progress.

===Bees should be in this week or early next week….I am looking forward to having them about again.  (Kirk Webster site has some interesting things to read in regards to beekeeping…)

===More in a bit….have a few things to do about the Mithlond stead….

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