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by rialian - April 11th, 2011.
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===Well, not too many, this early in the morning. 

===My bees arrived today…sadly, one of the queens was dead.  I have contacted the folks I ordered from, they should be able to help me out..(the bees that arrived were quite nice…I did install both packages of bees, as the dead queen still has a lot of pheremones around her and that will keep that batch of bees around, and hopefully they will either produce a new queen, or I will get a new queen in the next few days to put in there.  Either way, I am hoping the hive does well.

===I have been involving myself in the local SCA a bit…they have a fine archery and thrown weapons crew, so i am getting to work on both.  I have finally found strings for two of my bows. 

===The chicks and the rabbits are doing well, and I am going to be starting more stuff in the garden this week. (someone I know of actually starts tomatoes in a cold frame/row cover setup…apparently, the secret is that the soil temps reach 50 degrees, you can plant.  They will start off slow, but it seems they get better yields…something to try out!

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