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Weather changes…

by rialian - April 12th, 2011.
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===Yesterday, it got to around 86 degrees Fahrenheit.  Today, it will be staying in the 40s..(actually, it was in the 50′s overnight…it dropped with this most recent front.  Nice mist, rain, and wind from the northeast.)

===The heavy rain seems to have passed now (10:45) so it should be reasonable to go out and get things done around Mithlond.  I just finished baking bread. (it takes about 4 hours to get the two loves done from start to finish).  I am finishing my coffee, looking out the window to see the large sassafrass tree greening out nicely, and the black cherry flowering white. 

===With the burst of heat yesterday, and the rain today….I think the Morel mushrooms should be out and about in the next few days. I will definitely be hunting for them, and hopefully finding enough to store up for the year. (For my friends in Maryland…Morels have already been sighted and collected as of a day or so ago….)

===Off to check the bees and the animals!

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