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Winds, rain…Quiche and books…

by rialian - April 17th, 2011.
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===Yesterday we had our neighbors over, and they taught us how to make a fine quiche. (I rather like quiche, I am glad to have learned how to make it.).

===Heavy rains and wind yesterday, enough that I had to clear out the culvert twice, having caught it before it flowed over the first time, and after the second (chuckles) I had fun wading in and clearing things up.  When the dry season hits, I will have to pull out some stones from further up and reinforce about the area so that it does not damage the roadway next year. (the problem with heavy heavy rains is that it gets the bigger sticks and more leaves up higher on the banks, and clogs the culvert if it jams just right.)

===The upside to all the rain (other than the recharging even more of the water table) is that it has been giving me a better idea as to where might put in some ponds.  They will likely be seasonal ones, but getting the land to hold more water is a good thing up here, and who knows, I might find one of the shallow springs that are about. (they tend to be in the areas of the rain-stream flows off the mountain.  Remember, a stream is more that what you see on the surface….really, the stream is the place that the water actually comes up and is seen.  Most of the stream (in many cases) is underground.

===Reading Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture …great book, highly recommended.  It has helped refine a few other ideas I was looking at doing, and can refine to fit this area.  I am very pleased.

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