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Waiting for Godot-bees?

by rialian - April 18th, 2011.
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===I may very well name the second hive Godot, considering how I have been having to wait a bit for the hive to be complete.  The place I ordered from was apologetic, and said they should arrive tomorrow.  Seeing that I called them last week when they arrived, and one queen was dead, I think they should have mailed them at least by the 12th.,.NOT the 14th.  The bees from the package that the dead queen came in are staying in the hive, due to the last remanants of pheremone….but I need a live queen in there as of a few days ago.  (they are saying that they have not had such problems with the mail before, and I am willing to give them some benefit of the doubt….but this is rather unhappy-making. )

===I have found a local bee breeder that I may get nucs from next year if things do not work out this year.  (I wish I had known about him earlier…apparently he has been breeding Russians locally, working on getting a strain adapted to this area.  He does not have any new queens until June, else i would have already gone out there and gotten one.) For those wondering why I want “Russians”…one, they are rather friendly bees, from my experience.  They are also noted for their hygenic behavior, and in they are rather good at grooming mites off each other and out of the hive.  The original stock was also a bit more cold-resistant.

===Part of my stress is that the second hive would have already been producing brood right now, and we are in a good pollen/nectar flow.  This hive will be two weeks behind what it could have been, and the packaged bees are not going to survive forever.  They are mainly sent with the queen to get a hive set up so that her young can take over as they die off in the next few weeks or so.  (foraging is hard on the bees.  Bees can live for 3 months or so during the winter, but last far less individually during the spring/summer/fall.)

===Ah, well…we will see how it all works out.  I am also keeping an aye out for wandering swarms to put in one of the empty hives.

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