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And the queen arrives.

by rialian - April 18th, 2011.
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===They probably should have called me and had be pick it up this morning, but the bees arrived in my mailbox this afternoon!  So the queen is now safely ensconced into her hive, and the bees responded rather quickly….the hive perked up, and started acting normally. 

===Tomorrow I will likely go into the other hive and remove the bee package box and the empty queen box…and probably put another empty super on them to get them more inclined to go all out and store lots from the current nectar flow that just started up.

===Today was active…I walked the land to see how things were going.  No morels yet, but some stuff is popping up.  I expect by the weekend or early next week to see a lot more fungal activity. 

===While walking back from my neighbors through the woods that are between us, I found a small colony of garlic mustard.  Now, this is a wonderful plant in europe…it is not so good for the ecosystem here, as it will disrupt mycorrhizal fungi of our forests.  Thankfully, it is a very tasty plant. I decided to make a simple pesto (just olive oil and lots of leaves.)…wonderful stuff.

===it makes more sense to use things that are “invasive”, than to use poisons, if you ask me.  We brought it here for food, after all.

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