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Rain again…

by rialian - April 19th, 2011.
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===I am glad the new queen came in yesterday, it would have not been so fun to open the hive to put her in today…(chuckles)

===Today is a baking bread and reading inside day….and of course doing some writing.

===I appear to have a squirrel the size of a small groundhog hoping nimbly though the woods.  This concerns me, as I did not know that giant squirrels could be that nimble…I actually thought is WAS a groundhog when it came over the western slope….but no, it was not quite that wide, and it has the tail of a squirrel.  I have seen some big ones about here, but this one was definitely the biggest one I think I have ever seen….about the size of one of my rabbits. 

===No…I will NOT be breeding squirrel-rabbits.  that cross, were it even possible, would be dangerous to us all. (grins)

===With this rain, I think the mushrooming season will be quite good….I will be keeping an eye out for the Morels for the next few weeks. (especially as we will be having a seriously warm day tomorrow, it seems, which I think will set them off, and I will be out in the woods as of Thursday..(grins)

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