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Visiting reality tangents….

by rialian - April 19th, 2011.
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===Posting as a separate entry, as the concept deserves it’s own thread! (grins)

===A friend on LJ had mentioned encountering a cross between a housecat and a domesticated female rabbit. From almost anyone else, I would be sure that they were pulling my leg, as that technically is not supposed to be even possible.

===However, there are folks that seem to access the same weird tangent of reality that waltzes in and lets us know it is there.  A good example would be that I have actually read articles from that reality, one of which was about a fox-cat viable hybrid. I know I read it, and it was a reputable source. The article no longer exists in this reality. It was not a “joke/hoax” article. I was not dreaming. It was there. It was around about a week, then stopped existing. Thankfully, I tend to know when these things are from the tangent.

===Over the years, I have gotten reasonably good at guessing when I am dealing with that “tangent world”.  Sometimes I get tripped up (there was that time when I was looking for an mp3 player that played OGG Vorbis…and quite definitely read that the specific model I wanted did so, and there were a number of articles.  My wife saw them as well.  So, we ordered it.  When it came in, it did not play Ogg Vorbis files…never had.  It was, in fact, the ONLY one of their line that did not.  Very odd.

===And then, sometimes…..the tangent reality waltzes back in and shifts the world.  and no one recalls it was ever different, except for folks that have that awareness….kind of reminds me of the story of the person that saved a lot of water after being warned that the water was going to go away, then get changed with a new water that would drive everyone that drank it insane.  It happened, and the only “sane” person in the world was this person.  They were seen as insane by everyone else….(they eventually duped out their water and joined the rest of the people.).

===I do not “drink the new water” so much as acknowledge that the shifts occur, and do not argue on old/new reality too much. It really comes down to a question of effort, and which one is better to encourage. (grins)

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