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A fine morning…

by rialian - April 25th, 2011.
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===First, a link for folks interested in fairy tales: Cabinet des Fées.  Very good folk here, and the new project is looking very interesting. (We have I believe two of the collections in the house right now…I would have to check to see if we have the newest one.) .  I also would like to point you to the fine publisher Papaveria Press.

===The modern lore and tales of faery have some talented storytellers that keep the flows speaking.  I particularly respect these folks, who are “keeping it real” (grins).

===It looks like it will be a warm day today…not found any morel mushrooms as of yet, but i expect that they will be out sometime this week in the area.  This week looks to be a bit active: I have a guest coming out for a short bit sometime Wednesday afternoon, and lunch with my mother earlier that day…I also have a bunch of things I need to get done out here, such as get the hutches up a bit higher into a frame, and get the nesting boxen ready for the rabbits and the chickens. (Perhaps by next year I will be able to have the requisite “rabbit sitting on eggs” picture for the season..(grins).  I have a line on someone reasonably close that will have Guinea Fowl, so I plan to get a few of them soon to deal with the stink bugs that have invaded the land, and the dratted ticks.  (they are known for their skills in clearing an area of both)

===One of the things I do have to deal with, being up against a wildlife management area, is that I have ticks about.  I have had issues with them for a number of years now, and have finally decided that i have to do something about them.I prefer to have that control be something that works with the ecosystem, and that gives me tasty eggs and meat to eat. (grins)

===I have a more elf-specific post rolling about in my mind, which may go up this week.  A number of interesting things have popped up for me to write on.

===As folks might have noted, we got a bit involved in other projects, and thus there was no “Mithlond Weekend’” this month. (I know not to compete with May Day Fairie Festival at Spoutwood, nor would I WANT t to…they are awesome folks.  So I am going to look at a small thing in May, a bit of a “Pre-Thresholds” thing I think.

===Plans for Walking the Thresholds 14 are coming along…as they often do…which means that the workshops folks are thinking of running have not yet reached me. (chuckles) I know I will be offering at least 2, I think…

===and with that, I should be off to get a few things done about Mithlond!

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