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Oak leaf wine

by rialian - April 27th, 2011.
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===Well, the first batch of Oak Leaf Wine came out….amazing.

The base recipe:

pick a gallon oak leaves in early june (for us, right around now,
actually), Pour a gallon of boiling water on them, leave for 24 hours.

Strain them, add 4 lb sugar., grated rind of one lemon. Simmer for 30
minutes.. when cool add wine yeast and 3 juice of 3 sweet oranges.
Pour into demijohn and insert air lock. keep warm, ferment until
bubbles no longer form. Siphon off and store in sealed jar in cool for
6 months. Rack, bottle, and cork. Store for 6 more months.

(The recipe I am using comes from the excellent book : The Woodland Year)

I modified this, as I tend to just
ferment in one carboy, and I used less oranges. Mine was started last
year, and was bottled this year.

===Of course, this is the season of the oak pollen….which i react to.  One nifty thing about allergies is that you can actually observe things you would not normally notice….such as the fact that oak seems to like to release pollen really close to the twilight times…just after dawn, for about an hour or two, and around dusk.  This is slightly inconvenient for me, as I really LIKE being outside at these times, but I think I can put up with it.  (the rest of the day it is not really all that much an issue, unless the pollen mixes with something else.)

===I should have made more of the wine…and will be fixing that this year.  This was about a gallon and a half, and I think it is really good…so I will need to make at least 5-6 gallons of it.  (What I have is apparently not allowed to leave the house.  My wife really likes it, and we have to put a few of the bottles away so that we can see how it ages (from how it is now, it is looking to age beautifully into something even better.)

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