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by rialian - April 27th, 2011.
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===People sometimes ask why I do not post a lot more on the elven stuff I do….

===Well, part of it is due to having a number of folks about that have a tendency to react…oddly…to things I write.

== I have at least one person that seems to be on a quest to be the “Next Rialian”, who will be the organizer of the elven/otherkin folk, and awaken everyone.  (Throw in the standard “if you will not be the King/mentor/idol that I adore, I will throw a hissy fit and try to destroy you!  (And take your place!)(side-note….that role?  Not mine.  Was warned about this possible problem, and did not act appropriately by running the first time I was warned of.  erg, erg, erg.) (Another note, reason this is an issue for me is that the last time I had someone like this, from this current, it went “oh, you were my bestest friend in that reality” to my quite narrowly escaping possible death due to my not fitting their image, and that person deciding that I was under the evil influence of Spider, was sending out evil things that they had to destroy, and was just waiting for the (quite possible) nod from their “queen” to kill me when i was not in a position to get away easily .  I might be over-reacting…but I am not going to be putting myself in a situation like that again…)

==I also have the bunch of folks out there that identify as “Elenari”, who are basing their reality-version on stuff out there that is partially mine and another Listarii, but was edited into a form that neither of us is really cool with….with at least one of the sites they are basing off of is run by a REALLY crazy individual that thought it was a nifty-cool must happen idea to put their astral lover into the body of a friend of mine (?)(I will not argue about whether this is even possible…more looking at the ethics/mindset needed to wanting someone to host one of your astral parasites for you to have sex with, rather than them…oh, that is just NOT my kink, thank you…..) (No, did not happen.  No, not linking to the site.  If you are into things elfy, I suggest you develop your ability to feel out what is right and not for you…as that is kinda what the more sane look for when we encounter you.)

==And then, there are the folks that are just out there to mock and find issue with anyone that thinks of themselves as “elven”. or “otherkin”

===All these factors pop up, and make one a bit less inclined to post stuff that is easily accessible.  I have better things to do than to have to deal with any of these folks.  It is almost enough to make one just want to take everything down, and just

===Then…I get the emails of cool people that pop by and say “thank you for your site”…and I find that I hear from some pretty sane folks that work with this…so I keep the site up.

===I think i may very well take a page from the Silver Elves, and post a bit more…eh, folks will take what I write and do very odd things, but hey…take what you will, and I hope it helps you find that best path for you. (grins) (Though I reserve the right to twitch when I see it used to support quite obvious deleterious behavior…ok? )(grins)

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