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Elven organisation…(or Lack Therof)

by rialian - April 27th, 2011.
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====From my own observations, elven sorts really do not have “leaders”, and really, it could almost be seen as an indicator that someone really does not “get it” if they WANT to be a leader. (chuckles) Elves that are into having titles and “Sovereignty” tend to be seen as having a bit of a mental illness…we will humor them on occasion, if they are otherwise doing good things, but really….it is not considered the best of fashion accessories.

===You do not really organize elves.  You start something, and if it has that depth of “right feel”, others either find themselves joining in, or they are already doing it without being aware you were doing it.  The person that has the “deepest flow-connection:” tends to be “the leader”, if there is a point to having someone organize something for the short-term action.

===Elves tend to organize around concepts and feeling of rightness…not people.  There is almost a “field” that forms, that deepens, when something is of right action. (this is actually something that Nicolas De Vere describes rather well in his first book, The Dragon Legacy: The Secret History of an Ancient Bloodline. when he goes into the whole grail code. 

=== (Cyber-Alfheim is the site I would personally suggest looking at if you are interested in De Vere…it is not his, and seems to be one of the more sane ones out there, by the by)

===My overall thoughts on De Vere and his stuff I will put in another post sometime….I will say here that he has some very insightful stuff, but he also has a fair bit of the crazy that elves look at and go “erm…ok….Good stuff there, but you really might want to watch where you are going…..no…really….please, that wall of spikes might hurt. ”

===Perhaps the best shorthand way to describe the “elven leader”" is to consider them the best embodiment at the time of the flow being manifest.  The proof is not in the competition, but in the manifestation and the draw it has on others.  Most times, elves tend to find themselves in similar flows and trade notes to make it easier for each to refine themselves better.

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