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The winds have passed…for now.

by rialian - April 28th, 2011.
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===Currently listening to this: Wu Man, the reigning virtuoso on the ancient four-stringed instrument the pipa.  Absolutely amazing.

===I have a number of things to get done today, including getting the oak leaf wine started.  Of course, part of that will involve wandering the woods, and if I happen to find morels…well…(grins)

===Nifty blog found: Daughter of the Soil A musician’s adventures in experimental horticulture Her book on breeding potatoes looks to be quite good.

===The subject line is referring to the spat of high winds and storms that have been spawning tornadoes over a very large swath of the southern United States, and the upper edge thereof is up here.  We have not had any to my knowledge, but there have been warnings.  Welcome to climate change, where severe weather was kinda predicted.  Wind protection is going to be part of a lot of the design stuff we do up this way, I think.  (I already knew that, being out here full-time has confirmed that insight.)

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