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Faerys, Felines, and Farming! (grins)

by rialian - May 3rd, 2011.
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=== ( You thought I was going to add a 4th F, due to May 1st having been? )

===Saturday saw us at the Spoutwood Fairy Festival…we had a great time, met up with a number of our friends there, and obtained some nice pottery (Dancing Pig Pottery are great folks…)

===Sunday was dulcimer lessons, making a few connections for possible future readings, (I have been known to do tarot readings, and my current favorite deck is the Shadowscapes Tarot…amazing artist.) We also go more plants for the garden.

===Monday, we retrieved a feline from some friends who needed to re-home a young girl-cat.  She is a very sweet thing, who will eventually be introduced to to the other cats once the stitches come out from her being spayed last Friday.

===So, plans for the day include getting some plants into the garden and working with the various animals about Mithlond, (I will also be doing another hunt for Morels, I think..(chuckles)

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