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Coffee and fine mornings…

by rialian - May 5th, 2011.
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===It is shaping up to be a beautiful day out today…I have finally gotten my coffee, did some Tai Chi outside, laid down more straw in the garden….(I am getting ready to plant a bunch of corn.  I am hoeing out the rows, and laying a lot of straw between the rows to smother the areas between.)

===It looks like the poison ivy has begun its’ leafing out process….and it is looking to be an entertaining year.  I will likely be taking the slow and steady path to dealing with it, which will be a case of mulching down the areas it is in within the fence boundaries of the garden (including the bee-yard area), and I will be hopefully shifting the environment to a state that does not encourage it in the field areas.  From my readings, it looks like a raising of the soil fertility might help.

===The fields were fallow here for a good number of years before we got out here, However, the soil was probably rather well farmed, as this area was big into tomatoes…I had not realized that West Virginia was KNOWN for tomatoes back in the day.  The soil up here would be good for them, as it is rather acidic. (my well water is quite Alkaline, though…very interesting thing to learn through my aeroponics adventure…).  It has been interesting getting used to the soil qualities up here…When I was in Maryland, the soil was very much made of clay, and held water very well.  Up here, it is much more sandy, and has good drainage…and is also thinner than I had down in Rockville.  I am working on getting a lot of organic matter into the soil.

===I will be needing to get the meadow mowed (probably brush-hogged, as it is reasonably thick) I will be leaving a section untouched so that the incoming black locust trees have a chance to grow.  I will need to make those arrangements soon, so that it remains manageable until I can have it kept reasonably with the chicken and rabbit tractors (which are still being finished up…)

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